Running Fast Running Free

Don’t lose your vision.

When I was 13 I attended a camp that had lots of canoe and hiking trips. One of our trips was canoeing the Saranac Lakes of New York. We had gone through the locks and been out on the lakes for a few days. One of our counselors thought it would be a good idea if we hiked one of the area mountains. As we climbed, it was a beautiful, clear and hot day. When we arrived at the summit(Ampersand Mountain) you could look around for miles. (Gosh, do I love the Adirondacks!) Continue reading Running Fast Running Free

An Abundance

radishWhen I was young, I bought this old house next to our store. The yard had been a “mill river” running the grist mill in the garage area. The previous owner and friend had witnessed the water rising too high and too fast one rainy weekend and brought his excavator in the next weekend and diverted the water. (Uh…you can’t do that now!!)
Where the river had been, I wanted a garden. Continue reading An Abundance

A Quandary

dontworryA Quandary Like so many these days, I feel as my life is a quandary. Perplexing. I read the news. I look at the changing events across nations. I watch economies shift and slide. And in the midst of it, my natural self rebels at the changes I am forced to “go through.” Why? Because I am caught in the issues of the globe! I have watched my business change as other businesses have floundered and gone out of business. I wonder what is going on as so many do. But I trust God. Continue reading A Quandary

The Rescuer

pyrenees1Today I had an interesting conversation with a friend. Some of it was “what would you do” or “what would you say” if you encountered this or that situation. I would remind him of various scriptures in the word of God. It brought back memories.

When my oldest daughter was 2 or 3, we lived up on the top of a mountain in Southern Vermont. At the time we raised Great Pyrenees and one of them deemed himself protector of her. Every where she went, he went with her. Max was one of those large, lumbering dogs, weighing over 150 pounds. Continue reading The Rescuer