What About Benghazi And Our Prayers


whitehouseWhat about Benghazi? What about those who lost their lives? What about those who are in danger now?

I recorded the following video because I believe the Lord has spoken to me about how I am to respond.

There are many sites today which are showing the pictures of all the emails that were sent to the White House during the attack in Benghazi.

From a political perspective I am very upset and as a parent and grandparent and one who has been a citizen of the United States, I am disturbed, disappointed and concerned. It is not up to me to decide what must be done here. I believe that those who are in charge will recognize what is to be done. Meanwhile… Continue reading What About Benghazi And Our Prayers

The Results Of Praying For Those In Authority

I am continuing to add to the “series” about praying for one leaders. Last night as the fourth and final presidential debate for 2012, I came to the place where I shut off the debate and began to pray for blessing on the debates, blessing upon the two contenders, moderator and gallery.

So, I have added the newest video on “what will result” when we pray for the men or women in leadership(authority) today. Continue reading The Results Of Praying For Those In Authority

Revelation- Is It For You?

baptizedLots of people seek revelation. The difficulty is where do we get our answers. Revelation is the revealing of Christ in something…scripture, situation, etc… Someone else’s revelation is not necessarily for me, or to be used by me. Even if they are good writers, speakers, etc… (I love some great men and women of God, but not everything they share helps me. Continue reading Revelation- Is It For You?

The Great Divide Is Prevented By the Great Commandment

I have had an ongoing concern about the division between believers, as well as the increasing divide between believers and unbelievers. Add the critical mass of a division in America and an inability to dialog with out being critical or emotional, and you have the potential for destruction.

A young friend, posted this today… Continue reading The Great Divide Is Prevented By the Great Commandment

Why do we pray for those in authority?

Why do we pray for those in authority? What will be the result? What do we pray? This video is a beginning for those who want to pray as we have been asked to for those in authority and is a follow up from our Debate video and Civil War Dream video.

Paul’s purpose for writing to Timothy is expressed in1 Timothy 3:14-15 Continue reading Why do we pray for those in authority?

A Civil War Dream

Thu, Oct 18, 2012
A few days ago, like so many Americans, I watched the presidential debates. I recorded this yesterday…

Last night I had the Civil War Dream…

Once the screaming stops and your mind comes back to some semblance of reason, you realize “this did not go the way you planned.”

I find there are many areas of my life that could use a tweak. As I showered, I meditated on some things I had read earlier this morning. I will not lie. One of the thoughts was “do I have value?” Some of the things I read just seemed so “out of touch” to me. I can only imagine the first steps of a missionary to a land where his language is not theirs. Where customs and foods and clothing are so different. I feel as though I am in a world where my culture, my upbringing has so little value. I am not complaining, just processing.

In a dream I find myself in Pennsylvania. I am traveling with a young family. We stop on the side of the road. The hillside appears war torn. I sense that even gold has little value here. (Such an unusual thought.) The trees, the rocks, the ground, all cry out for “justice and mercy.” The smell of blood begins to affect my nostrils. I realize that I am picking up the sounds of battle, the cry of the injured and the dying.

The dream begins to pick up pace. Even in the dream I feel my heart pumping. My hands shaking. “What about this family.” I look over at the children, so unaware of what is happening. The parents are starting to take notice. The food they so carefully prepared and put out on the picnic cloth is no longer the focus. The children begin to perceive “noise” from the woods. They start to pull in from the edge of the forest.

I wake up. It took some time to process, but I realized I was picking up “civil war.” The more I contemplated, some of the things I had heard over the years, the more I became sure. First let me define civil war…a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country. This definition gives me reason for concern. As I look at what some call “class warfare” I see the possibility of civil war. As I see the variances created by parties and the like…I see civil war.

So what changes that? You and I . “Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation,” (2 Corinthians 5:18) Folks, it is time to reach out into the streets. God is not a Republican or a Democrat or even a Libertarian. He is God. Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Do, I think ‘civil war” is possible? Absolutely, I do. Do, I think People of faith can stop it? Absolutely. It is time to move our faith to the streets. Instead of seeing how many meetings we can do or how much enjoyment we can receive from God, it is time to “share!”

You may have questions about this and rightfully so. Feel feel to email me or use Facebook to catch up!

Start Processing

This morning I felt like I was hearing stop educating, start processing. I look around and I see people who want to “know” more. Knowing more is not bad, unless it stagnates by lack of use. For years I have shared how the human mind processes facts. For instance if you were to go to a conference on healing, you might receive the “education” to heal through teaching. But in two weeks if you were to be asked if you “heal” your answer would be yes, even though you might not have laid hands on someone.

Now some of it could be relegated to how we communicate or language, but at the core of it is a process of the mind that thinks something is done, with out the experience. (In a good way we call this imagination.) Continue reading Start Processing

Halloween and Believers

Christian-Cross-Carved-Pumpkin(Because many have asked my take on Halloween, let me share my recent thoughts. My old thoughts are all over the internet!)

So many know my background prior to becoming a believer and how I got here. In a nutshell I went from being one who religion did not really mean much to, to one day being confronted by God. Continue reading Halloween and Believers