April 26th 2013

2013-07-31 12.17.20A king does not have a kingdom to hunker down in…”In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war,”…He is building kingdom. Converting people to his beliefs, his leadership…

I watch all the warnings about all that “is going to happen.” Many of my friends say “see, I told you so!” Folks, our “told you so” attitude about the news and the events continue to entangle people. I get discouraged by the amount of posts of “it’s all over but the shouting” line of thinking. I said this morning that you know it is getting better when Duck Dynasty outranks American Idol. I meant it. Continue reading April 26th 2013

Steak Tartare And Finance – Reaching The Lost

steaktartareI have lots of dreams. Sometimes 5 or 6 a night. I said a few years ago, I am often not sure of what is dream and what is real or what is “my reality.”

Last night in a dream, I found myself in a crime family’s secret lairs. I found myself accepted as one of them because the person they thought I was had disappeared. I had been brought in because they “thought” I was one of them. One of their “architects” of finance and direction. Ironically, there was nothing illegal, but change had come. A high level meeting that caused some “hurt feelings.” I was escorted from that room. Later on I was in a back room and they came out and said “you have not left?” What I realized was they had elevated me to a very high position. The reason I was in danger was because I had been “promoted” over many others. I could not leave now they said. I had to be protected. As they made me all kinds of unusual and weird food, I found myself living a life that A) I was unaccustomed to and B) the tinge of danger was there. Would I be caught? What was I to do? I knew who I was and what God wanted for me. As I ate the final meal before being removed to a remote castle, a safe place, I awoke. Continue reading Steak Tartare And Finance – Reaching The Lost