The Need For Elimination – Part Of The Growth Process

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

The other day I wrote an article on the God Card. That article also “iced” some people as they saw themselves in it. The only reason for playing the God Card is to win. Not God wins, you win. Another recent article was discussing the idea of marriage and what blessing means in a marriage. That one had some detractors as well. Priorities and filters, the same.

It would be disingenuous of me to not share all that God shows me. People often desire the prophet grace in the church until it starts to talk about “elimination” or change or calling people to better life. Continue reading The Need For Elimination – Part Of The Growth Process

A Trip To Inerton – A Dream August 5th, 2013

This morning I awoke about 4 from an unusual dream even for me. In the dream I was aboard an airplane. The airplane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. On board with me were 2 associates. Two young women were accompanying me to what I believed to be the Olympics. As the plane began to descend, I asked where we were going, one of the young women responded, with “Inerton.” I replied with, “that’s weird, I have never heard of it.” As we were preparing to land there was tremendous explosion nearby. The plane shuddered and arced away sharply. “They have blown up the airport” I was told. “We will make an emergency landing because the gear was damaged.” As I looked out the window I saw flames and smoke. As the plane descended I began to see that we were going to land on a highway. Everything went into slow motion. As we dropped the wings began to hit poles and finally with a loud screech, we came to a stop and we settled. Doors began to open and the women and I were taken down the emergency ramps. (It was then I realized there were no other passengers, but only us and the staff.) As I tried to look around a large black car came up near us and we were scrambled into it. The car took off at a normal speed, no emergency maneuvers or evasion techniques that I could discern. Continue reading A Trip To Inerton – A Dream August 5th, 2013

The God Card – It Has The Potential To End The Game

This week a friend and I were engaging in conversation and one of the topics that came up is the “God Card.” The God card is often used by people to end conversations, to get their own way, to see at best, what they really believe to be true or truth. A God Card is used to “put an end to things.”

It came up because I am seeing a lot more people “play the card” in an effort to do what they want or NOT do what they need to. It is often a way to shift accountability.

“God told me we should make my announcement first on Sunday morning.” Is it passion and a heart or is it a manipulation, a power play?

Because I believe in the prophetic and operate prophetically, I get to see the card played and with the often devastating results. I see relationships that end or begin by the playing for the card. I see jobs taken or quit by the playing of the card. I see hurt and pain and disenchantment. This can be a “hard card.” Continue reading The God Card – It Has The Potential To End The Game

Where Do You Put Your Trust?

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Everyone has choices.  And from the choices, come results. The last week has been a continuing reminder to friends in conversation that we do one of the following, prior to making a choice.

  • We trust God
  • We trust our fear(s)

From that place of faith, (Trust in our fears or trust in God.) we make our decisions.

How do I know? I have walked in both those areas over my time with Jesus.* Faith is what is settled for us or what we know. When we do not trust God, we automatically move to the other side.

Most know this story about my grandson Jacob. When he was younger I would put him on the coffee table (Or he would climb up on it.) and he would jump into my arms. He would not do that if he thought I would fail him. If he thought there was the possibility I would drop him to the floor, He would never jump. How much better is our God? There is not one record of God leaving you behind or “dropping you.”

Too often I have witnessed the “paralysis of analysis” when true faith (not hope) does not even look or question. It is settled. It walks “naturally.” One of my own choices came when my daughter Amy, announced her wedding in St. Lucia. Years before I had been schooling for my pilot’s license. Suffice to say my instructor chose to do something not in the “handbook” that week. It “scarred” me. I had to make the decision to trust God in returning to the air. But there was a season where I trusted my “fear.” The result of that season’s fears cost me relationships, value and finance while my trust in fear had gained ground. My trip to St. Lucia was without incident (Unless you call being pulled out of line and checked for gunpowder an incident.) and I was able to enjoy my time.

Tip-The longer you let fear rule an area the harder it is to trust God.

The difficult thing is God is not man. Yes, we have put our trust in man and seen man fail. God does not fail. He always is there. One of the reasons I believe God is “not trusted” is because church has made Him there ATM. Put your “card” in and pull out your answer. He is not like that nor does the Bible describe Him as that. While I believe in a powerful God I do not believe He always says “yes.” And I believe He has given over authority and dominion to us and much of what people blame God for is really in their hands. Continue reading Where Do You Put Your Trust?

The Weapons Of Our Warfare – A Vision Of Understanding

Ghost Battleship - U.S.S. Texas (You may want to read up on this...)
Ghost Battleship – U.S.S. Texas (You may want to read up on this…)

This morning I had a vision of large hand with a wrench in it. The hand brought the wrench to a bolt coming out of the bottom of the vision. As the wrench connected with the large nut on the bolt and began to loosen it, the vision began to pull back. The nuts and bolts were holding down the base of a large gun on a ship. Continue reading The Weapons Of Our Warfare – A Vision Of Understanding

Shelf Life-Sometimes The Best Things In Life Are But For A Season.

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

For a long time I have said there is a shelf life to things like music, prophecy, beliefs even. The things that are eternal have no shelf life. (By the way “shelf life” simply means that the season of anointing, of grace, of glory has lifted or expired.) The things of legacy, timeless. We cannot live in the past. (Though we must look back in the past to the cross to see our place now. I do not want old slower computers or heavy TV’s or no cell phone.) Continue reading Shelf Life-Sometimes The Best Things In Life Are But For A Season.