Words Of Destiny #9 A Dance Of Romance


podcast_logo1-e1377265165667This morning I saw a young girl caught up in the dance of romance, much like I think Samuel might have danced as a child. With abandon.


The Nails That Hold Fast – A Dream About Women

Captain of your destiny

What We Chew On

Last night one of my dreams put me in the position of being “hurt” by others and watching them be hurt as well. The hurts were physical. Not deadly or catastrophic but those little “pains” that you know have a deadlier or more sinister meaning. You know the feeling, like you are going to pay for it later or they would have hurt you more had no one been looking.

I woke up feeling not “my pain” but the pains of the many whom were hurting. What I realized was I was the only guy in the dream. These young women were taking their hurts (As they hurt each other.) out on me. Even in the dream I thought this unusual. For one I did not recognize any of them that I could recollect. And I knew I had not seen them until I walked by them on the street or in the park where I was. Continue reading The Nails That Hold Fast – A Dream About Women

Words Of Destiny #8 For Parents and Spouses

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667Too often we struggle with our children and our marriages. They are often tied closely. Many are single parents who are needing a fresh word.

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Unraveling The Raveled – Pulling Light Out Of Darkness

Jacob, Jordan and Mariah
Jacob, Jordan and Mariah

One of the hardest things about being a believer is watching people, friends and family go through difficult times. Particularly those that are within their grasp to control. Too often the choices that one makes determine the quality of the answer.

What about choices? As one of my dear friends Roger stated at a funeral not too long ago in his own inimitable way.  “Get a job. Be a good person. Do not be a bum. Do not marry a bum. Do not let your kids be bums.” Over the years he has said similar things like, “if you do drugs the handwriting is on the wall.” Now both he and I believe God can help restore and bring those people into better circumstances. But so often it is choices…then and now. Continue reading Unraveling The Raveled – Pulling Light Out Of Darkness

Words Of Destiny #7 Realignment, Real Estate and Reassignment

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667Last night before I went to sleep I wrote this down.  Our occupation with what is right ought to be greater than our preoccupation with what is wrong.

This morning I found myself thinking about angels and all the power I have to send them to do His will in the earth. (Hebrews 1:7) About all that is right in the world and the increase of what is right. Continue reading Words Of Destiny #7 Realignment, Real Estate and Reassignment

Yes No Or Maybe…

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Too often I and others have sought answers rather than Him. Perhaps our question ought to be a pursuit of Him.

Over the years I have watched people seek the Lord for “answers.” We have made formulas for how God is to answer. “God answers ‘yes, no or maybe later’” is an example of what we have built upon. We have told people that we can have whatever we ask in keeping with Jesus’ word. So many things we (And I say “we” because I have participated in them.) have set up as rules…in a kingdom where there are no rules. If asked “is this how God works?” my answer might be yes at the time. But at others no. Why the reason for my apparent “have it both ways” you might ask. The reason is God is not a God of rules but of relationship. Continue reading Yes No Or Maybe…

Word Of Destiny #6 For The Single Unwed Parent

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667My heart is often broken for the child born into a broken home. But it also goes out to the mom and or dad who is in this mess. Children born out of wedlock have a place in the kingdom as do the single mom or dad. People make mistakes. People hurt one another.

It is the love of the Father that calls them into His place. My own grandchildren understand that. When my daughter felt she could take no more, my wife and I stepped in. Continue reading Word Of Destiny #6 For The Single Unwed Parent

Keeping It Real – Who You Are

Pop and Gunter holding me
Pop and Gunter holding me

Last night I had a dream about being a spy. I thought to myself that I seem to have a lot of spy dreams like that. About being a spy or being in enemy territories. I wondered why. I thought perhaps being a spy is a way of reaching people. But Jesus was not a spy. He was a man of no reputation. People often did not even know who He was. He had to tell the soldiers who He was in the garden. (So maybe it is not about being a spy but hidden in Him.)

As I meditated more and more upon this thought, I thought of who I “really am” or more importantly who I “belong” to. Continue reading Keeping It Real – Who You Are

Word Of Destiny #5 – A Young Man Touching Folks and A Older Man Being Restored

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667This morning I have had a number of things going on in my mind and spirit.

The first I saw was a young man climbing up on stage and as his hands moved people were touched by the presence and power of God. Continue reading Word Of Destiny #5 – A Young Man Touching Folks and A Older Man Being Restored