Overlapping Freedoms – Liberty, Independence & Honor

3circlesWhen your freedom overlaps my freedom, honor is the ONLY solution. (How much freedom can fit in the room?)

Because I feel we have much to learn in the area of how great our freedom is we will need to learn how great the need is to “protect and serve with honor.” We must protect our freedom and never return to the traditions of men that bind and control. And yet to take our liberty and wield it with disregard for those about us creates another set of problems. Continue reading Overlapping Freedoms – Liberty, Independence & Honor

A Labor Day Thought September 2013

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Ever since I was a child, the idea of being creative, building things and selling them has been in my head. As a child I worked on a neighbor’s small farm for money. I picked, cleaned, fed and more. From his garden I would buy vegetables, seeds and the like that I could resell. I learned to make cutting boards and boxes in my dad’s workshop that I sold. I started a lawn mowing “business’ that paid me $5 for the average lawn. (Gas was 25 cents!) When I got too many, my brothers helped out and got paid. I started delivering newspapers for 2 hours a day and got paid $2. Shortly after that I went to work in a garage pumping gas at 10 years old. I loved it. The owner let me work on Saturdays and gave me a split from the tire changes and oil changes with him. Good for him –- good for me! Continue reading A Labor Day Thought September 2013

What Is Difficult Today May Be Harder Tomorrow- Don’t Aim For That!

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

I am kind of a black and white guy. And it is exacerbated by the simple fact that I do not find filters helpful. They may make the person feel better that you are talking to but they tend to cloud the issue at hand. So often I am told I am simply “blunt.” (My attempt at filtering “hard things” makes me uncomfortable and probably does nothing to help the party I am speaking to!)

Lately I am seeing some painful things happen. Much of this is founded on a lack of understanding of grace. Selfishness and self-centeredness is the antithesis of grace. Grace causes you desire to move ahead touching others with the goodness you have received. Continue reading What Is Difficult Today May Be Harder Tomorrow- Don’t Aim For That!

Equal Footing – The Blessing Of Your Children

blessingWhen I was young I attended a prep school that was predominantly Jewish in enrollment or so it seemed. I had lots of Jewish friends that I spent time with not only in school but outside of school. Some played in our rock band, others invited me over for feasts and gatherings and get-togethers.

I understood the Jewish culture somewhat. After leaving Connecticut I had no real contact with the Jewish community until a business I had brought me once again into relationships with them. Not long after that I found my relationship with Christ. Immediately, through our first church I had a number of Jewish believers I fellowshipped with. Again, I was pulled into their culture and what the Jewish follower believed. It was through this I began to understand the scriptures of Old Testament. I studied feasts, customs and more. Continue reading Equal Footing – The Blessing Of Your Children

Reminiscing IS Good For The Soul

Up early and doing a bit of reminiscing. The definition of reminiscing is the recollection of memories and past events. Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some reminiscing with a few young folks about how I actually “got here.” My pathway to Christianity was not easy on most levels. Immediately after taking on relationship with the Father, my life was overturned.  I was faced with relationship implosion, the loss of friends and business.

I would lie to you to tell you that there were not times where I was willing to walk away. I struggled with worth and value and things that were beyond my control. But deep inside the life of Jesus was emanating. Beating, beaming. Like a beacon on a hill I was drawn to the light each time and the correction of my compass was intact. Continue reading Reminiscing IS Good For The Soul