Black Friday and The World Of Retail

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

As I read of the new craziness surrounding Black Friday and the war between retail and family, I thought, “been there, done that.” I saw the deaths, the stabbings, the videos and the loss of sensibility.

As I drove my son to work this morning, I shared with my son some of my retail experiences as he headed off to another crazy day of working in a local box store. He sells technology and gadgetry. I get it. (I have owned more stores than I care to think of and endured too many holiday sales.) Continue reading Black Friday and The World Of Retail

Growing Up Changes You

2013-08-22 10.50.57This morning I was sitting here as I often do, meditating on various things, enjoying the quiet when I was struck with the following thought. Despite my best efforts to remain immature in some areas, I have grown up.

Now you can read that and laugh, or view it with disdain but the reality is, I had no real say in it. Do I understand you can make choices? Of course I do! Do I get that you can work on things? Absolutely! But was I “looking” for it? No! Life through its various twists and turns, dead ends and highways “did” something to me. Continue reading Growing Up Changes You

What Was I Thinking?

Frequently I have had the unpleasant task of ripping the blinders off someone’s eyes. That point where they have continued over and over in a process or a relationship. Some may call it a wakeup call.

Wakeup calls come in all forms. They may be the result of a relationship crisis, a critical medical report or a firing from a job. Certainly that is not the “complete” list but that encompasses a lot.

The wakeup call is often founded in faulty thinking or process, misunderstanding of protocol or just plain disastrous choices. Not too long ago my brother was sent to the hospital with viral myocarditis. 2 years later after beating it he ran his first marathon. His wakeup was the hospitalization. His answer was reevaluating health. The results are simply amazing. Continue reading What Was I Thinking?

Feeling Homeless? He Has A Place In Mind…

Feeling Homeless?

This morning I awoke from one of my dreams, but I realized I had not “left” the dream. It continued on as I heard the breathing and snores of my family from their places of rest, viewed what time it was. I lay there as the scenes went in and out.

I felt the warm tears upon my face. The dream had been personally emotional. My life was being upturned in the dream.

The beginning of the dream was being spent in eastern Vermont, but moments later I was transitioned to an area of Vermont on the western side that I had not been in for many, many years. I was being questioned by an administrator of a program to “help” people. He asked me if I trusted him. My answer was short and to the point. “No” I replied. I said “I believe that you believe you are helping people. But you really are not. You are taking away their freedoms driving them to a system that ‘cares’ for them that would never have been needed to be implemented had you not removed their liberties.” Continue reading Feeling Homeless? He Has A Place In Mind…

Amminadab-Part Of Your Spiritual DNA

Lee JohndrowThis morning I began reading through the New Testament. Often I “skip” the genealogies. But today I felt God had something fresh. As I scrolled through the names, the name Amminadab jumped off the page.  I went and looked it up. Who was he? (He was part of the tribe of Levites, carrier of the ark.) Why was he important? (I know he was in the lineage leading up to Jesus.) And there it was! “My people give freely!”


No sooner had I read it than I felt my heart leap. I thought to myself let me go think on this. Believe it or not my heart began to drop. I had to physically leave the room I was in because I was “feeling” something and not something I wanted to feel. I began to get a “sinking” feeling. Continue reading Amminadab-Part Of Your Spiritual DNA

Have You Embraced Your Neighbor?

thanksgivingSo often I am faced with a situation where I get to pray for another. As we enter into the trinity of holidays, with Thanksgiving and turkeys, family and friends, I felt the Lord saying, “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” Matthew 25:39-41

I was reminded of the story Jesus shares about the good Samaritan and his aid to an injured man.

And he said, “The one who showed mercy toward him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do the same.” (Luke 10:30-37)

So often, I personally get “caught” up in busyness and while I feel no condemnation about missing an opportunity, I wonder what I have missed. Continue reading Have You Embraced Your Neighbor?

Bottom Feeders No More – It Is Jubilee!

Bottom Feeders

fishWhile in the midst of worship I saw a number of sucker fish surfacing in the waters of a vision. All over the place these fish came to the top, breaking the water as they sought oxygen. Suckers roam the bottom of ponds and slow moving streams living off the bottom.

As I watched this I thought “jubilee.” It was a word that had been in my ears that day. And I was working hard to remember a word that Bob Jones had shared many years ago about jubilee, fish and water. Continue reading Bottom Feeders No More – It Is Jubilee!

A Season Out Of Time

old-car1A dream 11/24/13

A series of dreams last night lead to this final dream. Each dream had intensified with this being the last one.

I found myself visiting church leaders and folks who had “played” parts in the church over the last 20 years. Prior to the last dream a friend of mine and I stood in a service. Only years before no one had taken a place or position. I had felt the words of “this is the season” had been in error on my part and yet as I stood there I felt a growing group of people in the room standing up and taking a place, a position.

In one dream I visited a couple who had been instrumental and good friends over the years. They were “parked” under a tent in a mountain top view and when I appeared, they pulled away. The man looked at me and had a wary eye. The woman pulled back to the corner of the tent. I had to go have a conversation. Continue reading A Season Out Of Time

The Changing Of A Nation

It was 50 years ago today that I walked out of my third/fourth grade classroom. The buses were lined up at the curb of our small school in Northford Connecticut. As I was walking down the hall I met my teacher Mrs. Clapp in the hallway. Tears were in her eyes. She grabbed my shoulders gently and said “The President has been shot.” It was a long ride home. Not that long later the President of the United States had died in Dallas.

I was 8 years old. I cried for days. I remember sitting in our country home’s kitchen with my mom and dad both crying and I was sobbing. Like most of the nation we watched the black and white TV screen showing everything about this young president, John F. Kennedy. Like so many others we just could not believe it. Because it was a weekend (He was shot on Friday.) there was no other calling. Our small family sat around the TV.jfkchurchjohnsalute

There was no internet (Al Gore was not around yet.) and there were no cell phones. The nation watched on TV’s across the nation or listened to the history being made by AM radio. Hardly a one does not remember that fateful day. Where they were, what they were doing.

I cried as I watched “John boy” salute his father at a mass on Monday. What would I do without my father?

We were a nation in crisis. The blindfolds had been ripped off and the results not pretty. My generation had real enemies we faced and good and bad were easy to discern. We were not inundated daily with horror and desensitized by death, blood and mayhem. Continue reading The Changing Of A Nation