Lift Up Your Voice With A Shout Of Praise!

depression1Today my family begins to show up here at our home. All my children will be here over the weekend to celebrate the upcoming birth of my daughter Amy’s baby boy with a shower. A busy weekend but I would not trade it for all the money in the world. Continue reading Lift Up Your Voice With A Shout Of Praise!

God Will Pull You Through If You Can Stand The Squeeze

Brittney O'Connor
Brittney O’Connor

Years ago a friend of mine shared that when I was in a difficult time, “God Will Pull You Through If You Can Stand The Squeeze”. I thought, “thanks!” (Actually “thanks” is exactly what He was looking through.)

Last night as we prayed for a friend, a young friend, Brittney O’Connor shared this story about the octopus. She had seen this while we were praying. Continue reading God Will Pull You Through If You Can Stand The Squeeze

Hey! Turn On The Lights!!!

The mystery of the lost Malaysian 370 jet intrigues me. To believe the news and the movies the idea of finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack” is not a mystery. Finding a lost vehicle or person, even an 8 year old spy could do that. Yet here we are, nearly two weeks later and the mystery continues.

Losing something is a heart wrenching experience. The loss of a favorite item causes emotional turmoil. Losing keys or your wallet, and the gears start turn turning. The loss of innocence or peace is huge. And of course the loss of someone is horrible.

Jesus lost something. He lost “that”. Where did He “lose” it? In the garden. The garden of Eden. “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10. He came to restore the “Genesis” of His people. To give them back the life they had PLUS the increased value of a better covenant. James 1:23 tells us “like a person who sees” His natural or GENESIS face.

God has already paid the price for ALL mankind. The option lays before them. BUT unlike the search of the world for the jetliner and the difficulties encountered, God has made the way. He “sought” what was lost. His existence, sacrifice and subsequent resurrection gave it all BACK with MORE. There is a life of freedom and liberty. “That” which was lost has been found, brought back and restored. 2,000 years ago.

While there are still places GPS can not send from and expanses of earth unseen by satellite, God is available and present any time, any where.

I bring this up because lately I have begun to carry a burden for the babies, the children. There is an escalated attack that has caused me to pray and observe.

We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. Not generations, but generation. Each person born in to this is a part of that. In some respects children represent the “seed” given, shaped and molded. The attack has been in light of the absence of fathering and fathers.

I had a vision. I saw the hand of the enemy reaching out to keep back the light of day from illuminating the minds of believers. Attempting to extinguish. And I saw children. EVERYWHERE. Playing together, enjoying the innocence of youth. I saw fear rise up in parents and grandparents to “do something” about the hand that came to darken. But the methodology was wrong. Instead of removing the hand and increasing the light with their voices, they went to “shelter and protect” behind doors. They began to speak fear and negativity. They began to believe their own “press” of darkness. They began to hold up “options” and alternatives. They were settling. And then the vision went away.

I find I spend a lot of time “illuminating” people as to their position, the priesthood, the kingdom. Showing that “that” which had been lost had been found. Keeping them from stepping down a rung. As my daughter, Amy would say “settling”. Settling for second best. (Or worse.) Years ago, I made a decision based on “wise counsel” and it cost me. Cost me huge. I am sure the people could not see the future. I allowed myself to settle. Settling is the result of a poverty mindset. It convinces you that “this is the way” to get it. Whatever “it” may be. It may be a substandard relationship or relationships. It may be avoiding a class and working in a fast food joint. But at the root of it is FEAR. Spooky darkness.

Hebrews 10:23 – “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” When life lets you “down” it is time to speak hope not just “think” it. Speaking it reveals and releases the light, the life. PRAISE HIM!

Loving your child sometimes means “doing the hard stuff”…being a parent. As a prophetic voice who walks with an apostle of grace, I know how much we love people.

It is one thing to recognize the foundation of the apostle and prophet (Eph. 2:20) and yet another to recognize that a firm foundation does not allow for the “leaning” of pieces put upon it. The plumbline is Christ, declaring the exactness of the perpendicular.

There is a HUGE difference in being in a building without a strong foundation versus one that is strong in the foundations outlined by Paul.

I live in New England. I can show you homes that had strong foundations, allowing for plumb walls and straight lines. I can also show you the issues with poor foundations, and the errant beams and posts..

A sure foundation is important to the growth of the Kingdom and the individual.

I can tell you that “all” the sides have to go up before you add another floor or place a ceiling. Growth is important. Proper of biblical growth is God.

I see a lot of children who are just “running outside” before their time. (Parenting issue.) A lot who “think” they are “all growed up” and “can do anything”. (Parenting/Child issue.) and a lot of children who are “grown up” and will not come out to play! (Parenting issue.) Why because it is “dark outside” but I have news for you…it is dark on the inside!

We can not model fear based Christianity (Which really is Christianity at all in most cases.) and letting go of our hope turn to alternatives. To options. Settling.

A price was paid for ALL the world and ALL the “outside”. Do not let “domestic terrorists” rule your mind and your life. Believe for better. Overcome the darkness and the fear.

The winter (darkness) is over and spring has sprung. As I opened the door for my wife I heard the song birds despite the fresh snow. Simply believe.


Manipulation And Control…Meet Grace!

I was ministering in our local fellowship. Our team was there. When I got done, a man stormed out of the service. He was yelling “he did not even mention my blog”. I was dumbfounded. He pushed my wife over into a row of chairs. I was far enough from him that I could not get to him. One of my friends headed out to speak to him. I saw them go out the door together. I knew it would be okay. He had been under lots of pressure lately, so I was not too worried about it. I walked towards my wife and the others who had been pushed aside. Seeing they were all okay, I headed outside. Continue reading Manipulation And Control…Meet Grace!

Can Facebook Change Your Mood? Overcoming!

A few days ago I read an article that “Facebook can change your mood”. I thought about it. People can really change your life. Now before I go any further let me say I do not believe the answer is”run away to a tropical island” though in light of the long winter here in New England, that might not be so bad.

People are important. A long time ago in our church fellowship I paraphrased the Gerber ad, “people are our business, our only business.” So, what is the answer? Leave Facebook? Run away? How about choices of friends? Continue reading Can Facebook Change Your Mood? Overcoming!

To Be Or Not To Be … More Than A Question

changeThe woman met me at the door of the church building. Dressed in red, she was beautiful but “sad”. She seemed a little miffed that I had taken so long to get there. She barked at me “you are wearing sandals?” I looked at my feet and said “hmmm…I guess I am.” She continued to block the door.

I had just crossed the meadow from our dormitory at the church property. I had no pressing engagement. Continue reading To Be Or Not To Be … More Than A Question

Why Do We Serve? Family!

2014-03-15 11.16.51Many have written much more and perhaps considerably better on the topic of serving. Why do we serve? I told my children and my grandchildren, “because we are family”. It is not a chore or a job but a responsibility and an honor to serve one another. We can spiritualize and say it is “because He served us” and throw in all the good scriptures and that is fine, but if you do not see yourself as family it is not going to do anything but be an idol or a millstone about your neck. Continue reading Why Do We Serve? Family!

How Will You Respond? Course Correction

understanding1Over the years I have had many opportunities to watch the power of correction in lives. My own early life was simply an example of a man who had so little trust for others, so much pride for being right that there was little any one could do to help me or bring correction to my life.

Being the news junkie I am I have followed with interest the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and its inability to be found after over a week. I have heard and/or read every theory out there on its disappearance and where it might be. At this point the plane is believed to be in a new area hours away from where first thought. Continue reading How Will You Respond? Course Correction

“It Is Balloon” Designed For Destiny

who-are-youThe balloon basket was empty. Here was this gorgeous, brightly colored balloon with no one to ride in it. As I got close to it, I spotted the small console. I wanted to get a closer look. I leaned up against the side of the basket and leaned in. It was then I saw a brilliant stone ring laying on the floor. It blazed brilliantly even with the small amount of light it was receiving. It seemed as though it was on fire. I thought I will pull it to the side and make sure the people will see it so it will not fall out and be lost when the balloon takes off. As I leaned over the edge of the basket a strong wind pushed the balloon. It caught me by surprise. I was over the edge and needed to right myself. But as I looked though the floor of the basket I saw the ground moving away. I was airborne. I took a moment to get fully in the basket. As I looked out, I was struck by the beauty of the day and realizing I had no control over this, I left the balloon to its own devices. Continue reading “It Is Balloon” Designed For Destiny