This License Set You Free

leejohndrowteamI found myself having another technology dream last night. (For those who want to hear from God, we often hear where we are at as opposed to where we could be…) In the dream I was dealing with a client over his “Microsoft Licensing”. Now in the real world of tech, this is perhaps one of the greatest “jungles” I encounter on a daily basis. Make a mistake in business and it can cost you $5,000 per incident, plus possible jail. And it is “convoluted” on a certain level with lots of rules. But that aside, in my dream the client was facing a software audit. (Like an IRS audit, it determines compliance and such.) My client was concerned. Continue reading This License Set You Free

Overhauled Once And For All

leejohndrowteamIn my dream a client of mine called me every day for a new part. Earlier in the year he had made the purchase of a computer. Each day he would call and tell me what he needed to make it better. Make it run faster. Early on I had “found” this “part number” that allowed him to completely overhaul his computer. One time. Once and for all. Never to have to work on it again. His answer was “no”, that he would keep on doing it his way. Continue reading Overhauled Once And For All

A Springboard To Faith

heargod2This has been a week where faith has become the big topic. (Well, that and don’t let fear rock your boat.)For me one of my widest read articles this month was my article on faith. Faith is somewhat the “holy grail” of the church. People talk about it like it is mystery. And yet, at it’s core it is simply believing that which you see to be truth. Continue reading A Springboard To Faith

Walking Into The Darkness

2014-10-18 09.54.07I awoke to a city that had been under siege. Well into the night, SWAT, National Guard and Emergency risked their lives and injury to prevent rioting from a group that have no true understanding of life. As the city made national news and tweets and Facebook posts flooded the cyberscape, my heart grew heavy. (The last time I encountered this was during the flooding of Irene in 2011.) My heart was challenged. Continue reading Walking Into The Darkness

Stop, Drop And Roll – It Time To Overcome The Fire Of Fear!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

A few nights ago, I was questioning my “existence”. I was not discouraged or depressed, but I definitely felt like there was a rabbit hole of sorts about me. My wife was away and God and I were having a pow wow about my life. Perhaps I had pulled out my checklist at some point. “This is good. This…not so much. This I do well. This is I stink at. Etc…” “Why am I here?” My “WISE” had turned to “WHYS”. Not necessarily the “bestest” of places to be. But I had to work through it. Continue reading Stop, Drop And Roll – It Time To Overcome The Fire Of Fear!

Are You Frustrating Or Frustrated?

Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

In my dream the young man donned all his protective gear. He started his chain saw. I quickly looked around. What was he going to cut down? There was no tree. He walked towards the pole. I sat there dazed. “What was he going to do” I wondered. As he cut into the pole and wires began to shake people began to scream and yell. While some moved away, others were moving towards him. They grabbed the man as the pole now leaned under the weight of the wires. Continue reading Are You Frustrating Or Frustrated?

A New Version Is Being Released

leejohndrowteamMy dream began with a gathering of people. As I watched, each of them was either using a laptop (Does that sound old?), cell phone or tablet. They were getting involved in a new media program. But as time went on, I heard various folks saying things like “I can’t use this” or “what? This just stopped”. Others were explaining to them that the problem was not the new download but was in fact the need for a newer version of the software that was running. And that conversation began to separate people. Quickly. Voices rose. People walked off. Frustration, anger, bewilderment. Continue reading A New Version Is Being Released

A Visit To The Store

checkoutI realized I had forgotten something and I headed back to the store. I was involved in a new project. Each time I went back I was greeted with a smile and some conversation. I was frustrated about having to go back but I was also appreciative of the person on the other side of the counter. Their demeanor caused me to forget my frustrations and get lost in the moment. Continue reading A Visit To The Store

The Ring Of Freedom

liberty bell“Get out of this house” I screamed. Now I am not one who yells, but in this case my friend was dawdling. I had just entered this house and released him from his cell. I did not really know in the dream how I knew he was there, but I knew where he was when I arrived at the large home. I had walked in through a service entrance and I knew exactly where he would be found. When I found him he was pale and thin but overall looking okay. I opened the door and got him to the outside. I pointed to a small stand of trees in the distance and said, “run and do not look back!” As we ran it was slow at first, but as his legs got used to the motion we ran.Despite my thoughts that we could be attacked from behind or shot, I never looked back. That house was pure evil. It looked amazing on the outside and even on the inside it was nice, but the people who owned it often had people who came, never to leave. Continue reading The Ring Of Freedom