Donuts Tell A Story

understanding1As I lay in bed meditating on dreams, listening for His voice and knowing it would be a good idea to get up and get going, I found myself thinking about donuts.

I had been thinking about people, including myself, who are where we are, not where we thought. And I immediately thought about donuts. Were it not for the absence of the hole they would not really be donuts. What makes a donut a donut is the absence of its center. (I know that popular chains have called things donuts that have no “missing parts” but a donut is really a ring shaped pastry. Another historical redefining…) Continue reading Donuts Tell A Story

Releasing The Creative Force

MarcelI sat there with the young boy. I was explaining the simplicity of genetics. What would happen if a mother had red hair and the father black hair for instance. We combed over this for a while. His eyes lit up as he saw the wonder of creation. How hair color, or facial looks can be passed on. (I remember this from 7th grade.)

We then moved on to history. Not just the history of history books but my history and that of family passed on to me. Continue reading Releasing The Creative Force