Perfect Love In Imperfect People

leejohndrowteamLast night I had the opportunity to participate in a fun time called “Guess who is coming to dinner”? A number of people chose to be the hosts. Other people agreed to be guests. The lady who thought about doing this put all the names of the guests in a hat. As she picked the people she assigned them to the next host on the list. Guests brought food and hosts had their homes ready. Amazing! So much fun. Continue reading Perfect Love In Imperfect People

Thermometer Versus Thermostat… Peace

leejohndrowteamI awoke about 4 this morning. As I looked out over the room, thermometers began to appear. I got up and walked about them. People’s names were on many of them. But so were words like children, family, finances. Some had Facebook and workplace written on them. I went back and sat on the bed. Then I began to see walls and on the walls were thermostats. These thermostats had names as well. Continue reading Thermometer Versus Thermostat… Peace

God’s Roll Out In New England

leejohndrowteamYesterday I read of a young woman who I knew who made bad choices and was in jail and would most likely be there for a while. I read of a historic heroin bust in the state of New Hampshire. They are connected in the simple fact that people are stepping up to pray for the goodness of God to be rolled out in New England (And I am sure in other regions, as well.) Continue reading God’s Roll Out In New England

Meeting With God And His People

sockmonkeyHave you ever been guilty of saying “I will pray about something” and then forget or get busy? Years ago, I found myself in that place. At the time I was pastoring a church and people called all the time. Sometimes I was engrossed in a project or family and would say “I will pray about it”. Then get busy and forget. I felt guilty. I was upset with me. Continue reading Meeting With God And His People

This Is The Day, This Is The Day…

leejohndrowteamI believe we are wasting some valuable resources in the church. We have often worked so hard to be relevant, that we have downgraded our thinking some times. We have lost some of the things that truly make the church the church. Many of those resources are the folks who went through powerful times. Impartation, meetings and revelation. Maybe they did not handle it right. Maybe others did not. But we can not live our lives as “been there-bought the tshirt” and expect results. There is a cry in the church for change. There is a cry for change in our country and in the globe. Some, perhaps many of those older folks have some keys. Continue reading This Is The Day, This Is The Day…

The Knitting Of Hearts

leejohndrowteamAs a child my church experiences were different than what I live today. I heard about God. The table at the front of the church had the words “I am the bread of life” emblazoned on it. But I could not tell you an experience of God while I was there except for the Sunday morning, early on Easter. With some rain and some sleet, hardy souls climbed up the hill behind the elementary school near our church. We sang and the sun came out. That was perhaps my God experience. Continue reading The Knitting Of Hearts

Always A Choice, Always A Chance

Lee Johndrow
Lee Johndrow

Often times on a Saturday I review the week I had. I think about what I might have done better. What went well. Even those “wow, where did that come from” moments. Most of those are good! Saturdays are often a day for me to reflect on my little pile of notes I accumulate, read through some things I want to cover and on most weekends plan on spending some time with a few grandchildren. Continue reading Always A Choice, Always A Chance

Hearing God Amongst All The Noise

leejohndrowteamWhen I originally wrote the book on declarations I think I erred in the fact that people prefer a formula and perhaps I just helped them. Exacerbating the problem with regard to hearing from God. Listening to Him. (Because what if they evaluate it as a formula and it does not work? Are they disappointed with God? Themselves? The formula?) Continue reading Hearing God Amongst All The Noise