Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

leejohndrowteamYou have believed a lie. Some how you have come to believe your life has too little value. How can He use me? What can I do?

The spider wove a web. Not like a sheet, but with openings. A fly soon flew into it, thinking there was an opening. It was stronger than the  web but soon the ability to stand up, to move, to fly, was gone. Energy sapped. It awaited death. Continue reading Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

“We Want What You Have”

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Held against my will, I fought against the bonds. Why had I been taken? As they drove me down roads and streets, I recognized nothing in the low morning light. At one stop I was able to get a picture of a house on a hill. I went to send it to one of my friends. But each time I worked the button it signaled that it could not send. I began to pray. As we climbed the hill towards the house I had taken a picture of, it became lighter as the sun was readying to come up. The captors pulled into a barn at the end of the driveway. Bright lights came on and they took me from the car. A large older man sat there in a chair and smirked. “Thanks for coming here.” I said nothing. He kept on. He was the owner of many grocery stores. He told me “you will be helpful in the coming days.” Over the next few hours, he began to detail to me that as a Christian I had powers that could be helpful to his business. At one pint I asked him why he did not consider becoming a believer. He laughed and told me that believers were weak when it came right down to it. Not ruthless in their actions. Continue reading “We Want What You Have”

Believing For Bigger

leejohndrowteamThere was a time in America where the church (Its people, its truth.) stood at the forefront of much that went on in community after community. In early New England every town had a church building and people gathered there. At one point it was said that “every five miles” a church building was to be established. People wanted the church and the church wanted people. Continue reading Believing For Bigger

Don’t Let Disappointment Ruin Your Day

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Frustration is a tell. It is the tip off that something is up. It lets you know that there is something going on.

Frustration can come in many forms but perhaps the most popular one is the one where you are trying to get something done only to find out that there are roadblocks in your way. That happened to me yesterday. That which normally takes 10-15 minutes took over an hour.

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Get Free Stay Free

leejohndrowteamI had a dream last night and in that dream men and women were being bought by traders and they were going to be used for the slave and sex trades while others were going to be used to tend to their fields, to their children, to all sorts of things.
In waking up I recognize very quickly that my dream had to do with the captivity of man. One of the things we often forget to think about are the benefits of God.

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One By One In New England

leejohndrowteamThis morning I shared a story of a fire across the land of New England. It was a word the Lord gave me with regard to awakening or revival. A timing in and of the Lord, where hearts are changed and focused on Him. The place where His goodness overcomes that which has previously “opposed” or been oblivious of Him. Continue reading One By One In New England

What Is Free?

leejohndrowteamLast night I had a dream about something that needed to be translated but no one in the place could figure out how to do it. A message was given to us. There was something unusual about it. Yet no one could decode it. (Yes, they even tried a Google translator.) A friend took it to a little child next door. In moments he translated it, decoded it and back came the paper. The main word of difficulty had a box around it. With stars. It was there. “Embrace of that which cost you nothing and move towards that which is designed for you.”[pullquote]“Embrace of that which cost you nothing and move towards that which is designed for you.”[/pullquote] Continue reading What Is Free?

Things That Make Us Great

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

The other night I got together with a dear friend. The main thinking of the night was going to be business oriented. And while we were getting together on it, I said something and he excitedly said “write that down”. I did. Here it is.

The things that made us great can connect us. Continue reading Things That Make Us Great