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  1. Dear Brethren,
    We thank God for this divine connection I never dream of. I feel and see that God has really connected me to true and genuine spiritual partners to whom I will be able to share my happiness and sorrows, and them too will share their happiness and sorrows. I am so touched with what is surrounding the man of God’s health. But one thing I know is that no matter the devil can plan against him, he will never and never succeed. We stand on your ministry that will never melt our Lord Jesus and as we pray for him our God doesn’t ignore but rather listens to our prayers. He is our healer Matt. 11:28. Jesus Christ tells me to submit all our burdens unto Him and he promise to give rest, Luke 1:37. He also reminds me that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD, here we stand with you in prayers. God is the healer. Greetings.

  2. Not sure what to put for a comment. I am searching out a prophetic minister for myself and possibly my church in which I am a decan.

  3. Hi Lee,
    I just found your website this morning. My son and I have started a gathering at his public high school in Manchester nh. I am looking for an intercessory prayer partner for our ministry. Our website is If at all possible it would be nice to come visit with you for prayer and fellowship.

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