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leejohndrowteamA few days ago, I was praying about some things and I felt this powerful pressure come upon me. It caused me to sense I was in His presence. I grabbed my phone and recorded what was being said. Part of it I am going to share today. I sense that it is for today predicated on a few things. The world seems to be moving in slow motion this morning. And I had a powerful dream that I am going to have to process through. I had something totally different to work on this morning in mind, but I believe this is it.

Before I start with this, I want to encourage you to read my piece on geography. I thought it was important when I wrote (Clearly I think what I write to be important but some things have more “juice” on them. This was one of them.) As the geography piece has moved into 2nd place in just a few short days on my blog, I gather others have found it to be important as well.

Recently the death of John Paul Jackson occurred. I had know him for many a year, but one of the most important events with him that impacted my life was his move to Sutton New Hampshire. This move was a move that set things in motion for the prophetic afresh in New England. (An eagle has landed.)

If there was one phrase that stood out in my mind, it was “eagle’s nest”. Without getting overly metamorphic or spooky, there was a lot surrounding this. In a meeting not too far away the words of “lightning” crashing down on pagan altars was announced during a time Tommy Tenney was here. (More on this coming below.)

The next day the announcement was made that Sutton was John Paul’s new site for ministry.

New England. Prophetic. Outpourings. All these words go hand in hand.

For what ever the reason his move in 2001 to New Hampshire was met with his return to Texas in 2008. Are these things important? I believe so. (For me those years have marked events.)

John Paul’s death was on the tail of another friend’s death who was instrumental in the kingdom in New England. That was preceded by an intercessor in New England who devoted much of her time and her spiritual life to seeing his kingdom come in New England. (All over three weeks.) These three deaths bothered me. (There are others in New England over the last 5 years as well, but these three turned on the lights for me. I had felt there was something, but now I was seeing it.)

When I left work the day of John Paul’s death I called a friend of mine a fellow prophetic person and said “this is not right”. There is something about death and dying before your time that I just cannot wrap my brain around. Anyone who knows me knows that I think there is a place where we do not even have to die. But to leave this earth so early concerns me immensely. A few years ago a friend of mine who was engaged in New England died a premature death the suspect was witchcraft. I have had to roll that around in my mind as I truly believe in the finished work and all that it stands for and all that it means.

As one who came out of witchcraft, has worked with witches and pagans, there is a part of me who “see things that ought not be”. I find I spend a lot of time speaking against what often looks like a Stephen King novel.

Years ago a spiritual father of mine said to me “you never barricade walls, you barricade doors and windows because those are the places of access”. The devil does that. The devil holds the keys to darkness. (He holds them wrongly.) These are windows and doors. Places of access. Geographic places.

This was prior to the arrival of John Paul Jackson coming to New England.

Perhaps some of you will remember that meeting with Tommy Tenney (Who ironically was dealing with his own issues of compartmental syndrome during the deaths of these three people.). It was that meeting in Lebanon New Hampshire where an intercessor (Intercessors are being brought back to the church!) asked if she could have the microphone and she declared that she saw lightning come down on the top of Sutton mountain and that it fell upon the altars. And it was in that moment within 24 hours we heard that John Paul Jackson had been given such a mountain and was establishing a work there. Were you there? Do you remember as the tent billowed outside the main building?

The irony of all these things as I look back is not death and dying but what is the stronghold that we are in fact engaging? We have come a very long way. We have embraced grace, the finished work and yet I think there are some things that we have lost over and bypassed in our search for greater truth. New England has something special and even as my spiritual dad said to me one of the reasons a place is hard is because of the fact that it(New England) is a door, a window and a portal. And that it is held up because there is great treasure to be withdrawn. I have thought about that for many a year.

The recent death of friends, mentors and people of prophetic insight has caused me to rethink many of the things I believe. Not that I doubt the Lord or mistrust him because that is not even what I am thinking. But what I am looking at is New England as a doorway, a window or portal with many treasures in the encampments of the enemy. As Lindell Cooley was saying many years ago “I went into the enemy’s camp and I took back what was stole from me”. I think we are in that day and that hour where we’ve come to understand or see Christ and the finished work, yet there is work that remains and is unfinished and that is the business of the kingdom. Expanding His territory and making all things subject to the rule and the dominion of the Almighty God. Till He would rise up from that throne one day and all his enemies would truly be under his feet. We are coming to that day. It is rapidly moving upon us and it is clear that this is what we are going to embrace and hold fast.

My theology is not “perfect” but this I know Jesus is perfect theology. What was He doing? What am I to do? What is He saying? What am I to say?

There is something in the “heart” of New England that is desirous and there is something that has been hidden. The eagle’s nest is important. Not sure totally why, but I am sure. It is not because I am a prophet or even prophetic. Perspective is important. (I watched a program yesterday and as the man spoke to his children about a successor he looked at one and said “perspective”. He looked at another and said “wisdom”. He looked at the third and said “fire in your belly”. I think there is something right there. A team.) The eagles are coming. They are returning. To their rightful place IN the church. To be part of the “team”.

We need a team to see New England won. I think New England overcome by God is the answer to so much in the world. (”Well, that is because he lives in New England.”I wish that it was the answer. I tried to move from here many times. Even in the 70’s I had three choices before me. New England won.) I refuse to engage in on what that “will look like” because so many were so sure in the early 2000’s what it would be like. It was not. We had a portion of truth.  Many dreams I had in 1998 are looking like what I saw then, yet in 1998 could I have dialogued it? Probably not.

Premature death. The idea of eagle’s nests. The coming in of the pagan. And clearly a (if not the one)financial center to the world.

Your family needs you. Your church gathering needs you. New England needs you. The world needs all of us. Working together. United in Christ for His kingdom come.

Written by Lee Johndrow

Lee Johndrow

Lee is on staff as the Prophetic Ministry Leader at the Village Church where he functions as one of the prophetic grace. (You can visit their site at

He is the father of five wonderful children. Married for over 22 years to his wife Tina. 7 grandchildren as of September 22, 2014, with another one on the way! Loving life with family, friends, faith, fun and food!

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  1. So is my heart for New England. As many times I reflect on my family and moving to be closer to them, my desire for New England and my heavenly Father’s presence is stronger.

  2. Lee, Your post is most timely as I have contemplated over the last couple years ( and have been in the process again now ) of a move back to Connecticut to be closer to family. I keep getting an unsettling feeling when I think about leaving here….even though a big part of me would like to go. Not long ago I made the remark that New England was “The Mission Field.” and didn’t feel called anywhere else as this was where the action was going to be.

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