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The Last Week July 29th 2013

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

Over the last week or so I have seen and heard of many difficult times and troubles occurring in people’s lives. It was almost as if the planets had “unaligned.” I have seen relationship break ups, disasters, sickness, pain and more in the last week. Our own life was touched by the fact that we had arranged a sale of our boat, RV, stove and household contents. By Wednesday they had all evaporated. (Tina and I were not counting on the money, but it would have made life a shade easier.)

So, as people who believe in the finished work of Jesus, the seatedness of our person at the right hand of the throne of God and our faith in Him, what do we do with that? I was encouraged yesterday to hear someone else say “do not make a methodology” of why it did not happen. We can just chalk it up to mystery. Refreshing!

On the other hand we are to stretch forth our hands and declare the wonderfulness of our God. We are to encourage our brothers and sisters in the goodness. Meanwhile there are those declaring and decreeing the opposite. The “witchcraft” is evident to me and to others.  I do not totally know how these things “gain” power or rights, but somehow they get it.

I sense we are in a season of “hard work” not works. Our labor is to enter His rest. (It will be evident by our walk, not our words.) God is determined to see us reliant on Him and Him alone. The result of this type of season is usually that. My friend Dan spoke yesterday about moving from glory to glory and seeing what God was moving to, to being synched up. I think there is much value in this way of thinking. We must see. Yesterday I said to a young woman, “we see heaven because we live there not because we have to get there.” What we see is important.

Our life is to take dominion over the works of the enemy and make earth look like heaven. I do think there are always seasons until we take full dominion. What I mean by that is so much of what we do has shelf life. Songs, ministries, words, even certain relationships. We hate to hear that sometimes, but experience and the word show me the truth behind that. When I look at life as a collection of seasons, I can accept and walk out the good, the bad, the ugly.

So what is legacy? It is that which has eternal promise. That truth which will transcend the generations. Perhaps that which Jesus calls “gold.”

If you have been experiencing the weaponry of the enemy and feeling like it is a difficult time, I get it. For some it is. But at the end of the day we are not subject to the work of the enemy. We are subject to the goodness of God. But it is not about getting angrier, shouting more or freaking out, it is about remembering who you are. Where you are seated and whose team you are on.

Jesus paid the price and set the rules in motion. We get to walk with it. Enter into His rest.

Tick, Tick, Tick-The End Of A Season

An update for you!
An update for you!

Yesterday my wife came home at 6:50. In the car was the last stuff we were pulling from the house.

Today at 3PM, our home goes to auction. If you are interested in the long version, I posted that yesterday. Or you can visit the Facebook page to visit pics, etc..

Bottom line we did all that we knew how to do. Right up to the final “bell.”

If I learned one thing in the last five years there are a lot of good people in the world. Many who are content and willing to call me their friend.

There are a lot who took the opportunity as well to lie, steal and cheat while Tina and I went through this season of our life. Bless you!

This week my son came alongside to help out. Thanks Tyler! A friend Matt joined as well as various family. Over the years my friend Mike showed up , along with Joel and Robin to help out. My friend Dave from Barre and his crew. The folks from Village who joined in. And so many more.

There is a freedom that comes at 3. My best efforts will never have been in “vain.” Someone had a dream about me and the freedom that comes with this. I simply believe. (A balloon was tethered, but this week it was set free to travel.)

It is funny, last night I was thinking about the last winter I was working on the house. I was up there by myself, working on the second floor. The next thing I knew or remember I was laying on the cement below with blood on me, the ground and the snow. No recollection of anything. Called my wife to pick me up. She wanted to take me to the hospital. I said, “no Thanksgiving is tomorrow.” She was not impressed. I had a lovely weekend despite the headaches and headed to the ER on Monday. The sacrifice? Nothing compared to others.

So, the clock stops ticking today for us in Springfield. New life, new season.

Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner. Walt Disney

Speaking At The Village Church Today

lage Church in Swanzey NH
The Village Church in Swanzey NH

5 years ago my wife and I visited Village with the idea we would “visit.” My wife and I had ministered there regularly years before. Like many places, change had been in the “air.” So, imagine my surprise to find out upon leaving, that my wife and I felt the same way. We were not going back. There was just something up. It did not feel like “home.”

5 miles later and the Lord told me, “oh, you are going back.” Frankly, I was having a hard time with it. 40 plus miles away. An hour of driving. 35 people and the only children were my friend Mark’s. Less than week later, I heard the audible voice of God talking to me about Village, while riding my motorcycle minding my own business. (I wanted to move to Texas!) Two weeks later our home was destroyed. So began a nomadic life. (That stage ends July 28th this year.)

4 years after our first visit, we moved to Keene New Hampshire to put ourselves in proximity to Village.

Today I share with Village what God has been talking to me about. Seems kind of funny. I cannot imagine being somewhere else. It is not what I chose or would have chosen.

Thank you Village for being you. You are awesome.

July 20, 2013 Update A catalog of blog posts

An update for you!
An update for you!

July 20, 2013 Update

A catalog of blog posts
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Fear-How Bad it is-dealing with it a little
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A Vision During Worship July 14th 2013
July 14th Update
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Waiting For The Right Time-How will you know
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A Vision On June 29th The Tension Of Light

Update July 18th 2013

An update for you!
An update for you!

Today I have been trying to clear decks, work on my message for Village Church this Sunday and get some things done for my house related stuff.

I have been working on my interrupted process book, but have slowed a little in light of VBS last week, working on the house and tremendous heat! Another chapter for the prophetic manual.

The house is going into the final stages for Tina and I. It is truly an emotional time for us. It is the end of a dream. Time will tell the results. I struggle with the gossip from misinformed people and the bumpercar mentality of some.

Looking forward to the next few weeks to seeing old friends and family.

It’s summer! Enjoy!

July 14th 2013 A Little Looking Ahead

An update for you!
An update for you!

My grandchildren being here for VBS took a lot of time, but was well worth it. The last few days the Lord has opened up a garden of beauty and creativity for me to investigate.  I continue to move towards the end of the book on interrupted process.  I add every few days core teachings for the prophetic manual and even snuck in a children’s story, my grandchildren thought was hilarious. I intend for this week to tie some things together, at the same time I have to end my relationship with our Springfield home and get things out of there.

This week 2 things have been resting on my heart. Hospitality-what does it truly look like? (Hint-it is not about you…) and Immaturity-what is our next step. (And it is not about you!) Immaturity is not a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We do not need a generation of “his majesty the baby.” We need men who are emotionally mature. Women who operate maturely and can identify men who don’t!

Immature people are often self-centered, egotistic and selfish adults. They may have little regard for others and be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings (including “my ministry”). They may demand constant attention, sympathy or compliments. They may avoid participation if they can’t be special. They may obsess about impressing you.

I have a lot to put to words over time on this subject. As my friend Mark pointed out, you cannot just say “grow up” but you must see the process as well as model what it looks like. I will say one of the hardest things I ever see is the man or woman who out of immaturity struggles to be close to those who are mature and have the capability and wisdom to help them to grow. From a life coaching site-Emotionally the struggle is they often cannot handle frustration or criticism; jealous and moody. May have temper tantrums and fear any change. Relationally a person avoids and denies money and relationship problems which require integrity. Seeks people to accuse and blame.

Frankly there were three or four occurrences this week that just added fuel to my thinking on this subject. As a dad, I have advised my children on “what to look for, “and modeled this thinking for them. For instance, I found this on a national dating site.

1) He’s Decisive
2) He Takes Responsibility
3) He Has a Higher Purpose
4) He Has Close Relationships
5) He’s Capable of Expressing Himself

A few weeks ago while working on my book, I found this. (Great refrigerator reminder!)

1. My sons and daughters, choose your friends wisely in the days of your youth, for they shall determine the way you go. 2. A good friend rejoices with you in the praise of God but a bad friend fills your heart with violent thoughts. 3. A bad friend entices you to do evil but a good friend prevents you from sinning against the Lord. 4. A good friend praises you when you speak words of wisdom but a bad friend laughs when you cuss and blaspheme. 5. Good friends will rejoice with you in the days of joy that lie ahead but all the wicked together will despair in the futility of their lives. 6. The Lord knows all your thoughts, He hears every word that comes out of your mouth, and He observes all your deeds. 7. Seek, then, friends who meditate on God’s word, friends who delight in edification, and friends who are zealous in good works. For you are not unaware of the reward awaiting the righteous and you not ignorant of the punishment prepared for the wicked” (Quotes & Things David Collins-a paraphrase of Proverbs 24)

Emotional charges, childish outburst and more all stem from not understanding God’s goodness in your life.

It is as much upon the lives of the mature to dig in as it is in the life of the immature to reach out.

Single interesting tidbit-Boredom In teenagers is considered to be an area of difficulty or a “warning sign” of immaturity.

Those are some of the topics and thinking we will hit on the next few weeks. Look forward to hearing from you.


Book Update Interrupted Process July 3rd 2013

An update for you!
An update for you!

I have spent a lot of my birthday morning working on the chapter dealing with the characters of the Bible who faced interruption.
Adam-got to bed-wake up married.
Eve-think your promise evaporated in the death of your son.
Noah-build an ark…”Right! What’s an ark.”
Finding out you’re a eunuch.
Pregnant by God.

Well, you get the picture. I am working hard!

Book update June 28th 2013 Interruption just might be the answer to insignificance!

An update for you!
An update for you!

I continue to plod through page after page, making corrections, getting new revelation, fresh understanding and…interrupted. Every time I think I am closing in on something, another piece is added, uncovered or found.

Today is devoted to my grandson Jacob(when he wakes up) and writing up the interruptions of those in the Bible.

Right now I am diving into the life of Jonah. Here is a man who if we are honest, we have emulated from time to time. Especially in this day and age. “Go do this.” “Uh, no. I am not feeling lead.” (

Anyone that remembers my desk in the ministry probably remembers the chunk of lead I had placed on it. “Pastor, I am not feeling lead.” “Really? Here you go! Now go do it!!!” I have a little more grace now!)

Here is Jonah encountering two miracles of God. God speaks and speaks to a mere man!

Interruption just might be the answer to insignificance!


Update June 20, 2013

The last few weeks I have been in “full court” press to get pages in my book cleaned up and ready for my friend who has agreed to edit. As of yesterday I passed the 30 page mark, completing 2 of the 6 “ideas” or chapters.

I confess it is easier to write than it is to be organized. Give me a topic. Give me an hour. Come back and take it with you. I thought when I came back from my daughter’s wedding in April I would just jump in and get it done. The book is on interrupted process, but it is clear, I should have written on “it is finished” or something like that!

Having beautiful weather makes it that much harder. I have to do the “delayed gratification” in my life. I will not go outside for a motorcycle ride until I am done with this page, chapter or sentence. Add in family and life gets more difficult. I have been in the middle.

So, I am working on pulling together a chapter a day. I figure I am about halfway to where I want to be. Still working on the prophetic manual, working on another book sporadically that has to do with where you live. I really believe that once I get this book finalized life will be easier. This is learning curve 101.

The last few weeks have been harder. Flat tires, car accidents and friends and family going through some things have increased the difficulties of getting things done.

My next few weeks include Alyssa’s birthday (June 20), school out for kids, Amy’s reception in Connecticut, baby any day with Ty & Em, my birthday (July 3rd-consider joining us!), Amy’s birthday (July 10th) and Tina’s birthday on July 12th. Add in teaching a class, visitors from church and motorcycling and like everyone else, life is busy! (Add in a job offer I have been considering…)

I wanted to bring folks up to date on the book and life in general.

Thanks for your support!