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Honor And The Five Languages Of Love

Years ago a book came out by Gary Chapman. It was called the Five Languages Of Love. A good start. But where does honor come in. That is really important. Here they are. What is yours?

Verbal Affirmation

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A Couple Of Dreams & A Thought

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

This morning I awoke from two intense dreams. (Earlier in the night I had a few dreams, traveling to places “unknown.” Prepare ye the way of the Lord!) Dreams often bring about encounter with the Lord and what he is doing in lives. (Often a great way to travel without a passport!)

The first is for the Village “people.” Mark asked me to take the microphone and share something. As I walked to the end of the aisle and around, I realized that all the chairs were near the front and that looking back it was a “sea of humanity.” The room was crushingly full. I had only inches between the “altar rail” and the front row. (BTW-Chris-there was a new speaker system!) While walking I felt the floor was “squishy” and as I started to look down, I felt Him say tell them not to “look down.” It reminded me of the passages in Numbers 21. (Keep preaching the finished work and ALL that it entails!) As I went to share, I felt the Lord say “you are the embodiment of Christ.” As I began to share and thank God for that revelation, the crush got more intense. There was a change in the atmosphere and people were being healed in the “crush.” I sensed all eyes on Him.

The next was with regard to the Catalyst training. “Why do we need training? Who cares?” The answer I felt in the dreams had to do with teaching our hands to war. What I saw was the Lord was connected to each person in a special way, and as each person danced or moved their hands it was like a heavenly ballet of sorts, choreographed by the One! When the word was coming forth to train, people felt “parts” being sown into their being, into their  arms and legs. Creativity and activity were  being manifested. That which did not move, was moving. I felt the Lord saying that each one is created for His work. That the Lord is using Catalyst to release the creativity, the warfare and the body of the Word in the region.

So…I sense others received similar dreams last night. I would be interested in hearing!


Please don’t let me be misunderstood

Dear friends-

“Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” That is a line from the Animals’ hit song. (For the lyrics.) I remember the first time I heard it around 1966. I was a beginning drummer with some friends and I used to listen to it over and over on my BSR turntable, with my Realistic 20W set up. Headphones on banging away. For me it became something I did not understand. Why was I not understood? (Some might say it became self-fulfilling prophecy.) Others did that song like Joe Cocker and the Moody Blues, but no one did it like the The Animals. So, now that I stirred up some memories for some of you.. And for others, you may be asking “What is a turntable?” In other places in those lyrics, the singer declares, that his “intentions are good.” Before coming to Christ, I would have said that is fully me. With Christ, I quickly understood that it is not about trying, but about being.Over the years I have somehow felt like I was going through an identity crisis. Who am I? It began as a child and it has never stopped. I was raised (Can’t say “grew up” because we are waiting on that!) in an alcoholic family. I was misunderstood. My father drank and my mom coped. I always tried to be the “best” and when not successful, I resorted to not doing it. Easier to pretend it did not matter, rather than you could not do it, or in some cases even understand it. My relationships often reflected “best efforts” with feelings of not being understood. (I know that I am not the only leader who has felt “misunderstood.”) And I assure you that all my thoughts were towards making things gel and be right. (I am not saying I have no “problems,” but I am saying the difficulties I have encountered have often been the results of misunderstandings.) Continue reading Please don’t let me be misunderstood

The World Out There

preachingatvillageI wrote this 7 years ago. How things have changed and how many things have come to pass.

Yesterday morning I awoke from a dream. There was not much to guess about the dream or to figure out. In the dream I was working around the home and all I heard over and over was  “work like an evangelist.” The music played over and over in my head. It was like “walk Like An Egyptian” by the Bangles. Even after I woke up the music was pulsing. Like I said, there wasn’t much to think about. Continue reading The World Out There

Machias “God Loves The Witches” 2006

Machias_1861_webIn 2006 I had the opportunity to minister with a couple of wonderful men. Rich Brink at the time was in Waterville Maine. (He is now part of the Global Celebration Ministries with Georgian Banov.) Ralph Ackley was the minister in Machias where the meeting was. The meeting was originally billed as “God Loves The Witches” and morphed to “A Quest For Spirituality.”

One of the interesting things leading up to this meeting was a call I received one night from a “pastor” who accused me of “tinkling in her cheerios.” It turned out that she was the leader of the largest pagan church in the region with over 1,000 members. She was aware of my background.

She promised to show up and boycott us. That never happened.

This is the report I offered up to our followers and prayer folk at the time.

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Restore unto me the joy of my salvation

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Restore unto me the joy of my salvation

I resigned. Stepped down. Life as I had known it for nearly 10 years was over. And I took that step of faith(?) into an abyss not knowing the results. Believe the prophets and you shall prosper.
This morning I awoke at 3:50 to hear “Restore unto me the joy of my salvation” singing through my head. I began to pray for friends and family. But, being in bed just wasn’t working for me, so I arose, thinking I could shake this off, but I couldn’t. So many, weren’t enjoying their salvation. I spoke to a newer Christian yesterday who was reaping the fruits of his choices(Don’t we all, unless the mercy of God is invoked.) He had “tried” to enjoy, but the demons of his past were great and his feeling that it was all supposed to be ok kept him from the confessions of his hurt and his pain. I(I pray my words and gestures bear fruit in his life.). Continue reading Restore unto me the joy of my salvation