Me walking Amy down the aisle!
Me walking Amy down the aisle!

Lately I have been carrying a “burden” for this seemingly dadless generation. I look around and I see men and women who are aimless in so many areas because a dad was killed, absent by choice or emotionally absent from their children’s lives.

Years ago, in a small Baptist church I prophesied that when the men dance the church would change. Only days later the Toronto outpouring began and men danced. The last few weeks (September of 2013) I have felt the church’s unprecedented growth will be shaped by men understanding who God has called them to be.

A young man pointed out as he walked an area college campus, that the girls seemed to be directed and looked “professional” while the young men were wearing goofy hats and seemed like nothing mattered.

A great testimony to the moms who have single handedly raised these girls. But these young women often have no understanding of a father’s love or the Father’s love. The boys have been taught in so many areas and wonderfully so by mom, but the lack of a dad is taking a toll.

In the arms of my father(I have the great sweater!)
In the arms of my father(I have the great sweater!)

The church truly has the answer and His name is Jesus. It is time we the men of the church moved as God intended us to in mercy, grace and love. A grace filled church will change a community, a region, a nation.

I hope men will jump in and participate. I hope you will be in contact with me.

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