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What Are You Thinking?

leejohndrowteamEvery time I open Facebook or Twitter there are the proverbial “one liners”. I think there is a part of me that wonders as to whether the one liners are the dumbing down of humanity or humanity preceded with the dumbed down.

Which came first? Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

Udderstanding – Get Off The Milk!

2014-03-15 11.16.51Many years ago my wife and I were traveling through Toronto. Toronto is a very large city. My wife had the map on her lap and I was driving. As the road turned into 8 lanes, I said “hurry up, I am not sure where we are”. This created instant panic and I had to apologize because I really did know where we were, but was kidding around. Okay, so that was not very nice or funny. (Did I ever tell you…) Continue reading Udderstanding – Get Off The Milk!

Plan A – When Nothing Else Will Do

leejohndrowteamThe right connections are so important. Only this morning my computer has decided it no longer likes my modem and refuses to connect meanwhile chasing down other wireless opportunities in my area. How often is our own life like that? We have a connection to make but when it is unavailable, rather than waiting we move to a Plan B?

The problem with the Plan B approach is our impatience at a situation or circumstance. So, we go out to fix it on our own. Abraham did that. He took on Hagar and ended up with Ishmael. He initially chose a Plan B that caused all kinds of problems and may well contribute to our problems today. Continue reading Plan A – When Nothing Else Will Do