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A Chosen Generation – Chosen By God

cass1Four times they invited me over to sit in and play drums. Four times I politely declined. But there was something about the music that was drawing me. I got up to go get a drink. And there it was. That bass line that need fill. That guitar solo that cried out. I watched the guys as they played and when they played those segments of music, they looked over to me, as if to say “please”. As I walked back with the bottle of water, I felt myself drawn to the drums. Continue reading A Chosen Generation – Chosen By God

The Seeds Carry Life

2014-03-15 11.16.51Buying seeds…

Some of you have read my story about the “mill pond garden”. I was out of control, to say the least. My own home, a dog, a relationship and life. And it was spring. It was time to put in a garden. And I needed seeds. Well, part of the good news was that my family owned a store. And in that store was a large rack of seeds. Charles Hart Seeds. And so the garden began its first look at life. Continue reading The Seeds Carry Life