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Establishing Heaven On Earth

leejohndrowteamPeople often ask me or other leaders “what is it can do to make my life better?” Only yesterday a conversation with a new believer was about foundation. Where does one put their energy, their study, their thinking. Continue reading Establishing Heaven On Earth

The Tension Of Community

preachingatvillageThe pressure of community exists. It causes us to be better or worse. To step out side or to move inside. Whether we talk about the church community or we discuss the actual community we might live in there is a pressure of sorts.

Yesterday I read as a young black rapper opened up on the community of Ferguson. He came down on the side of “what are you doing, what are you thinking”. He chided them for not “policing” their own. With regard to the living condition he said “who is going to take care of if you don’t? If you urinate in the hallway how is that someone else’s fault?” Both rappers Pharrell and BoB were denigrated by their own for their comments and encouragement to take responsibility for their communities. Continue reading The Tension Of Community

The Nails That Hold Fast – A Dream About Women

Captain of your destiny

What We Chew On

Last night one of my dreams put me in the position of being “hurt” by others and watching them be hurt as well. The hurts were physical. Not deadly or catastrophic but those little “pains” that you know have a deadlier or more sinister meaning. You know the feeling, like you are going to pay for it later or they would have hurt you more had no one been looking.

I woke up feeling not “my pain” but the pains of the many whom were hurting. What I realized was I was the only guy in the dream. These young women were taking their hurts (As they hurt each other.) out on me. Even in the dream I thought this unusual. For one I did not recognize any of them that I could recollect. And I knew I had not seen them until I walked by them on the street or in the park where I was. Continue reading The Nails That Hold Fast – A Dream About Women