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9 Months Later Part 1

2014-05-16 18.40.529 Months Later

Every one knows that it takes approximately 9 months form the point of conception to the place of birth in a human being. Through out scripture we see many people “birthed”. The word birth is often used in kingdom conversations to describe the announcing of a new move or action coming forth. (The meeting birthed a movement that spread across the nations!) Continue reading 9 Months Later Part 1

The Runway Of God 2014 – 10 Fresh Realities

Lee Johndrow
Lee is on staff with The Village Church in Swanzey New Hampshire. He functions prophetically and often writes from dreams and visions. This is a 2014 thought process from dreams and visions.

I live fairly close to our local airport. I love airports. As a child I would go to East Haven Connecticut’s Tweed New Haven Airport, lie on the roof of my parent’s car and watch them take off and land.

I enjoy going over to the Keene airport here where I live just to watch the planes land and take off. There is something about it that intrigues me. It is one thing to see automotive traffic converge at a 4 way intersection but still another to watch planes as they land or take off from the additional dimension of altitude. Continue reading The Runway Of God 2014 – 10 Fresh Realities