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Geography Matters To God


preachingatvillageFor many a year I have been taken with geography in the kingdom. The idea of being in the right place at the right time OR being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We relegate so much of the kingdom to “serendipity” rather than faith, discernment and wisdom.

How did we get here? Continue reading Geography Matters To God

Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

Last night I had a dream about an old friend I have known for over 20 years. He was one of those people who began to reveal the grace of God to me. My friend nearly 20 years later continues to have an influence on me. While he was in my early life he began to show me the value of being a father and how we had the potential to move mountains through our lives. Continue reading Retire Or Refire? the Choice Is Before You

The Missing Sacrifice

preachingatvillageThis morning I awoke to noise. Lots of it. Not in the natural, but in a dream. I was in a cafeteria or conference room. Everyone seemed to know everyone but the volume of the conversations was maddening. A pregnant woman was standing next to me and people began to make fun of her. Another man I knew soon came under fire. I watched as the room began to fall under the noise and the anger. Continue reading The Missing Sacrifice

“Growth Is Excessive” Because God Is!

leejohndrowteamI read that headline, “Growth Is Excessive” and thought, is it possible? The story was just as exciting…

In a dream I had it was very dark and yet over where the fence was I saw 4 lights like that you might see on a radar screen. “Lee, you have to go get them” I was told. I did not want to but I finally got up and ran down the darkened path to where these lights were. I got them and returned with them. My heart was pounding.

The lights had been carriers of darkness in the dream. They were targets to be removed. It was time to shut them out. And they were. Continue reading “Growth Is Excessive” Because God Is!

The Fourth Of July – A Little History

The Declaration Of Independence
The Declaration Of Independence

I love the 4th of July. My birthday is July 3rd (A day later and my name surely would have been Samuel!) and ever since I can remember I have had just about the most awesome parties in the world. As a child, we spent our summers on lakes in the Adirondacks. And my parents made sure that we got to see the fireworks displays. (There is nothing cooler than being on a boat with fireworks in the air!) And so over the years I have made sure children and grandchildren have had the fireworks experience. But along with all the cool fireworks, food and parades there is a serious side. Continue reading The Fourth Of July – A Little History

Seeds And Ideas Sown In Our Lives – The Idea Of Mixture

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

I have been on the subject of distraction for a week or so. (Though I am sensing a shift to “My grace is sufficient for thee…”) I see too often one of the greatest mindsets of the church to change is that, A-His grace is sufficient and B-The cross is where it “all begins.”

Frankly, much of the church has been selling a bill of goods while others are buying the bill of goods. What do I mean by that? We have been telling people what to do, removing their freedom, while the church has refused to take the time to think on its own. (Anyone who did was often pushed to the side because they had the “spirit of Jezebel.”) Continue reading Seeds And Ideas Sown In Our Lives – The Idea Of Mixture

Education In America Is Needed

Tgrade 12he election opened my eyes to many things. One of those was education.

A couple of recent videos I did have put me on the “firing” line so to speak. I am pretty used to it on some levels, but I was amazed at the response from people I do not know. I was taken back by a Catholic who thought in one sentence it was the job of the government to educate and at the same time for me to pick up the slack. Continue reading Education In America Is Needed

The Morning After Thoughts

Today we wake up to “more of the same” or is it? Folks, we wake up to the America we knew was divided and we see the reality of it. It is reflected in the wins and the losses. What has concerned me more over the months has been what I have described as a “civil war“, an oxymoron in word terms. (Personally, I would like to avoid that!)

My close friends know this is the scenario I saw, though I take no glory in it. 4 years ago much of America began to wake up. 4 years later I envision more to awaken. Continue reading The Morning After Thoughts

The Great Divide Is Prevented By the Great Commandment

I have had an ongoing concern about the division between believers, as well as the increasing divide between believers and unbelievers. Add the critical mass of a division in America and an inability to dialog with out being critical or emotional, and you have the potential for destruction.

A young friend, posted this today… Continue reading The Great Divide Is Prevented By the Great Commandment