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Marcell Has Arrived


leejohndrowteamToday was a day where a new grandson was added to my life. Marcell J. Petit. My daughter Amy gave birth at 7 this morning. All are well.

Funny, my daughter Amy asked me to prophesy over him. As I prayed for him, I felt “not yet”. Something is being added…

His name means “hammer”. I was drawn to this scripture. “Is not my word like fire, declares the LORD, and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?
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My Dad’s Birthday May 15th, 1926

BobJohndrow_PutneyVT_07-1995Today was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 88. 88… What a number! May 15th, 1926.

And on this day of celebration, my oldest daughter is in labor expecting her first child. How ironic. We shall see…

My dad will always be one of my heroes. He wasn’t the best, but he was always mine. I know some might not agree with him and his techniques. (I am still looking for my head…) He was a drunk. But he always loved me. He may never have known how to show it. I am not sure how I would be growing up without a father, finding out in your 40’s someone else was your mother, being in the military and receiving 2 Purple Hearts. Losing foxhole buddies at 17 years old. Just not sure…

So today is your birthday dad and I think you would be proud of me, of your children and your grandchildren. Today is bittersweet for me as I see Amy getting ready to deliver her first child. How much you cared about her and did everything to be her grandfather. (Between Amy and Mandy he was pretty much in love with the grandkids.) He put in a pool and such just so everyone would have a “place”.

I miss my dad. I certainly remember the day of his death. But mostly I remember his life. As you read though my stories, you can see how he taught me baseball, football, basketball and even soccer. He taught me horseshoes and Jarts. He taught me how to build and to fish. To repair motors and bikes. To see the world differently.

Dad-today is your day. Even now tears run down my face as I think about you. I miss you. I think you would be proud of your family.

Joy Comes In The Morning

alyssacamera 004Today we celebrate Jacob’s 7th birthday. (His birthday is actually tomorrow, April 20th.) He is already up and it is not quite 6AM. He wants to get the full treatment!

It is also the 1 year wedding anniversary of my daughter Amy and son-in-love Manley. Add in the fact that they are shortly (May 5th) adding a new baby boy to the household and it is a busy time in the Johndrow household. (Truth be told there are two new babies coming our way in the next few months.) Continue reading Joy Comes In The Morning

Lift Up Your Voice With A Shout Of Praise!

depression1Today my family begins to show up here at our home. All my children will be here over the weekend to celebrate the upcoming birth of my daughter Amy’s baby boy with a shower. A busy weekend but I would not trade it for all the money in the world. Continue reading Lift Up Your Voice With A Shout Of Praise!

Awesome Time With Family

20130622_182131There are great times with family and then there are GREAT TIMES. Yesterday was one of those. My daughter’s reception for all the family and friends who did not make the trip to St. Lucia. It was great to be with them all.

I love my family. Needless to say getting them all to the same place to celebrate my daughter’s wedding for those who could not make the wedding in St. Lucia.


Where Do You Put Your Trust?

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Everyone has choices.  And from the choices, come results. The last week has been a continuing reminder to friends in conversation that we do one of the following, prior to making a choice.

  • We trust God
  • We trust our fear(s)

From that place of faith, (Trust in our fears or trust in God.) we make our decisions.

How do I know? I have walked in both those areas over my time with Jesus.* Faith is what is settled for us or what we know. When we do not trust God, we automatically move to the other side.

Most know this story about my grandson Jacob. When he was younger I would put him on the coffee table (Or he would climb up on it.) and he would jump into my arms. He would not do that if he thought I would fail him. If he thought there was the possibility I would drop him to the floor, He would never jump. How much better is our God? There is not one record of God leaving you behind or “dropping you.”

Too often I have witnessed the “paralysis of analysis” when true faith (not hope) does not even look or question. It is settled. It walks “naturally.” One of my own choices came when my daughter Amy, announced her wedding in St. Lucia. Years before I had been schooling for my pilot’s license. Suffice to say my instructor chose to do something not in the “handbook” that week. It “scarred” me. I had to make the decision to trust God in returning to the air. But there was a season where I trusted my “fear.” The result of that season’s fears cost me relationships, value and finance while my trust in fear had gained ground. My trip to St. Lucia was without incident (Unless you call being pulled out of line and checked for gunpowder an incident.) and I was able to enjoy my time.

Tip-The longer you let fear rule an area the harder it is to trust God.

The difficult thing is God is not man. Yes, we have put our trust in man and seen man fail. God does not fail. He always is there. One of the reasons I believe God is “not trusted” is because church has made Him there ATM. Put your “card” in and pull out your answer. He is not like that nor does the Bible describe Him as that. While I believe in a powerful God I do not believe He always says “yes.” And I believe He has given over authority and dominion to us and much of what people blame God for is really in their hands. Continue reading Where Do You Put Your Trust?

My Daughter Amy’s Birthday

Me walking Amy down the aisle!
Me walking Amy down the aisle!

The birthday of my daughter Amy

Today is your birthday. Wow! So love you being my daughter!

When my first wife let me know that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic. When she was born I was no less excited. My first child. Simply amazing.

Amy was my first child. She was born in a tiny country hospital in Townshend Vermont. I will never forget. My wife and I headed to the hospital as the contractions increased. The nurse on duty did her examination, and said “go home.” A quick call by me to her doctor changed things. A few short hours later, she was brought into the world.

Nothing changes your world like a baby does. How can you so quickly fall in love with someone? But I did as I did all the rest of my children. One second I am focused on business and work and overnight I am focused on a little girl.

Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow. James 1:17

Nothing prepares you for the first one(or actually any of them!) and so to suggest  “life as usual” would be an untruth.

I watched my daughter go through life and reflect on it this morning. So here are some highlights.

  • You running around a 5 bedroom apartment dressed like an elf.
  • Playing with Zephyr, your protector.
  • Going to Miss Tucci’s and your day care
  • Taking you and your friends to the Friendly Farm.
  • Going to St. Michaels
  • Leaving St. Michaels J
  • Leaving Brownies after a downpour
  • Days in the pool at my dads
  • Baton Twirling and costumes
  • You and Max running around the house and the fields
  • Fishing at Silver Lake
  • Entering high school
  • Our first real argument! OK-that was not so hot.
  • Teaching you to drive
  • High School graduation-
  • Entering college and dropping the caravan of stuff off with your mom!
  • Taking you and Tyler camping at Indian Lake. (What? My pager doesn’t work here! No TV?!?!?)
  • Our drives back and forth to college.
  • Teaching you to drive and your first car!
  • The call from the EMT after your accident. L
  • College graduation!
  • Our trip to Indiana.
  • Your first job out of college.
  • Moving back to Vermont
  • Interning at Gateway
  • Moving to Connecticut
  • Getting your job after all that time temping with a $400 resume and 2 calls
  • Father – Daughter Motorcycle trips-(Lake George was fun!)
  • Engaged
  • Married-how sweet has this all been for you, Manley, everyone!
  • Is there a chapter we can put here?
In my dad's back yard.
In my dad’s back yard.

I am proud of who you have grown up to be.
Love you! Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy’s Reception

amy 2On Saturday June 22nd 2013 my daughter Amy and her husband held a reception/party for all their friends and family who were unable to attend their wedding in St. Lucia in April. It was wonderful. They rented The Irish American Home Society building in Glastonbury. Beautiful hard wood floors, well lit, AIR CONDITIONED (It was over 80 and beautiful outside!) and just great.

Amy and a number of her friends put together all the tables with their white and black theme. Another of her friends made sure it was catered well, with tons of food, American, Italian and of course, Haitian. (My son grabbed some of the Haitian picklese thinking it was cole slaw. Nope…habanero seasoned!) The DJ kept the music going, the kitchen kept the food out and the time was low key with no drama.

I saw lots of friends and family.

It was just a great time.

Jordan-My turn! Tina, Matt & Jacob in background.
Jordan-My turn! Tina, Matt & Jacob in background.
Manley visiting...
Manley visiting…

Matt, Tina


The Rescuer

pyrenees1Today I had an interesting conversation with a friend. Some of it was “what would you do” or “what would you say” if you encountered this or that situation. I would remind him of various scriptures in the word of God. It brought back memories.

When my oldest daughter was 2 or 3, we lived up on the top of a mountain in Southern Vermont. At the time we raised Great Pyrenees and one of them deemed himself protector of her. Every where she went, he went with her. Max was one of those large, lumbering dogs, weighing over 150 pounds. Continue reading The Rescuer