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Anger He Wrote

leejohndrowteamI read the news. Part of me was “not surprised”(If you are around long enough you see a lot.) while there was another part of me that just sat there in disbelief. Another person I spent years with, tragically dead. I sent the news on to my siblings. They wrote me back in disbelief. Death at the hands of a family member. It is not the first time in the last few years I have “been here”. I would like to tell you it is a dream. But it is not. Continue reading Anger He Wrote

What Me Worry? Love Is The Answer!

leejohndrowteamIt was raining pretty hard as I drove down the country road. There were two others in the car. I saw the person long before we got really close. She was wearing a white coat.I knew I had to stop and pick her up. I opened the rear door and she got in. She thanked us and answered the questions folks asked of her. She needed to make a call but there was no cell service, so I offered her the phone in the farmhouse we were headed to. Continue reading What Me Worry? Love Is The Answer!