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A Carousel, A Merry-Go-Round, Have We Been Here Before?

Ttrumpethe Carousel

I awoke this morning with anticipation in my heart. Something powerful in the air.  (A friend said “Say that again in your deep, suspenseful movie trailer voice.”) But after yesterday and the encounter I had…Only to find out my wife at roughly the same time was going through a similar encounter miles away. So much so, her co-worker had to talk to about “what was different.”

In the middle of the night I awoke hearing a song playing over and over in my head. Over and over the verses came into my mind until they were so loud I felt I had entered into a realm of heaven for lack of any better thought process. I saw “heaven coming to earth.” In those next few moments I felt a fresh understanding of Matthew 6:10. Of Him and all that He entails, here on earth. “I have made You too small in my eyes” was my thinking. Continue reading A Carousel, A Merry-Go-Round, Have We Been Here Before?

Please don’t let me be misunderstood

Dear friends-

“Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.” That is a line from the Animals’ hit song. (For the lyrics.) I remember the first time I heard it around 1966. I was a beginning drummer with some friends and I used to listen to it over and over on my BSR turntable, with my Realistic 20W set up. Headphones on banging away. For me it became something I did not understand. Why was I not understood? (Some might say it became self-fulfilling prophecy.) Others did that song like Joe Cocker and the Moody Blues, but no one did it like the The Animals. So, now that I stirred up some memories for some of you.. And for others, you may be asking “What is a turntable?” In other places in those lyrics, the singer declares, that his “intentions are good.” Before coming to Christ, I would have said that is fully me. With Christ, I quickly understood that it is not about trying, but about being.Over the years I have somehow felt like I was going through an identity crisis. Who am I? It began as a child and it has never stopped. I was raised (Can’t say “grew up” because we are waiting on that!) in an alcoholic family. I was misunderstood. My father drank and my mom coped. I always tried to be the “best” and when not successful, I resorted to not doing it. Easier to pretend it did not matter, rather than you could not do it, or in some cases even understand it. My relationships often reflected “best efforts” with feelings of not being understood. (I know that I am not the only leader who has felt “misunderstood.”) And I assure you that all my thoughts were towards making things gel and be right. (I am not saying I have no “problems,” but I am saying the difficulties I have encountered have often been the results of misunderstandings.) Continue reading Please don’t let me be misunderstood