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Tina And I 23 Years Later!

2013-04-17_13-47-36_53323 years ago Tina and I got up on a Saturday morning to prepare for a wedding. Our wedding. I slept in my store that night, woke up and headed to my friend’s house to make preparations for that day. My wife hung out with girlfriends and got ready. Continue reading Tina And I 23 Years Later!

22 Years And Counting

leejohndrowteamToday my wife and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage. 5 kids (His and hers-no ours…) and 7 grandchildren we made it this far.

A lot of people who bet against us, lost. Our own community back then,  on so many levels turned against us. We had to figure out a lot of things on our own. For each us, both had gone through not one, but two failed marriages. We each knew the pain of divorce and children living apart. Continue reading 22 Years And Counting

Joy Comes In The Morning

alyssacamera 004Today we celebrate Jacob’s 7th birthday. (His birthday is actually tomorrow, April 20th.) He is already up and it is not quite 6AM. He wants to get the full treatment!

It is also the 1 year wedding anniversary of my daughter Amy and son-in-love Manley. Add in the fact that they are shortly (May 5th) adding a new baby boy to the household and it is a busy time in the Johndrow household. (Truth be told there are two new babies coming our way in the next few months.) Continue reading Joy Comes In The Morning

Tina and I Celebrate 21 Years Together

Last night I had a dream. Interesting because in the dream I had all my hair back! But mostly it reminded me that my anniversary comes up in just a few short days.

2013-04-17_13-47-36_533My wife and I, on October 3rd will be married 21 years. Who would have thought? Certainly not the naysayers as they spoke their “counsel” over us. Each of us with two failed marriages behind us, who would believe we could make it?

We met in our local fellowship. It was NOT love at first sight. I was always getting in trouble somehow, some way. (The pastor’s wife once said to me that in 20 years of marriage she had only heard her husband yell twice and both times were at me!) Tina avoided me. But one day, I saw her son throw a baseball and no boy is going to throw like a girl, his only role model, I thought. The next thing we knew we were talking marriage. And a few short months later… Continue reading Tina and I Celebrate 21 Years Together