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All Hands On Deck!


preachingatvillageI wrote the following yesterday.

This morning I woke and was thinking about what if government “leaders” were in isolation or restricted from doing what they were called to because they were being constrained by God or His prophets.

This morning while Tina was away with Jacob at the Y, I was camping out with the Lord. Continue reading All Hands On Deck!

Thoughts from 5 Years Ago

leejohndrowteamI am pulling together some notes that have been sitting on my files for a number of years. The following is one of those. I will add notes as things have changed or come to pass.

April 2007

Last night was one of those great nights, marked by people participating. People getting involved. One of my problems is I always try to squeeze a lot in. Last night was no different. Continue reading Thoughts from 5 Years Ago

The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing

jazzDream 1242104

I walked in the jazz store. I expected to find lots of cool jazz CD’s, even old records, but what I found was a very trendy looking store with lots of cheap gifts. There were fake scrimshaw boats and such. Candles that looked like you could purchase them, but under closer scrutiny one could see the order form.

As I walked down the mall stairs another client was commenting on the pretty bags and how the store names looked so beautiful. But there was nothing in the bags!

As I wandered a little it was clear that the “mall” had been made for tourism. Everything seemed beautiful in its brick, wood and glass display and décor. Continue reading The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing

Why The Fivefold Ministry? My Answers.

Many folks are coming into a revelation of the need for the fivefold ministry. It is often easy to see the results when we do not see this gifts operative or available.

My own understanding of the need, the hows and whys have changed over the years. So for “today” here are my thoughts!

By what every joint supplies!

Apostles And Prophets Are Foundation Laying Ministries #9

The Church is a spiritual temple. Jesus Christ is the Foundation of this spiritual temple and we, God’s people, are the living stones that are being built upon this Foundation. (I Corinthians 2:11, I Peter 2:4-10) Apostles and prophets help to lay that foundation of Christ for the people of God.

An improper church foundation will lead to difficulties down the road. Study this pattern and see the value of it.