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Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

leejohndrowteamYou have believed a lie. Some how you have come to believe your life has too little value. How can He use me? What can I do?

The spider wove a web. Not like a sheet, but with openings. A fly soon flew into it, thinking there was an opening. It was stronger than the  web but soon the ability to stand up, to move, to fly, was gone. Energy sapped. It awaited death. Continue reading Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

Creativity Is More Than A “Good Idea”

What if...
What if…

One of the most difficult pieces of working for me was the idea that creativity has evaporated. So, when a few weeks ago, I had the flash of creativity over a topic, my world was changed. For the weeks and months before I had thought I am “creatively dead”. (Even as I wrote this I hear the words, “unless a seed fall to the ground and die…” John 12:24) Continue reading Creativity Is More Than A “Good Idea”