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You Want Me To What?


leejohndrowteamI have been around the Kingdom long enough to know that you and I will always have the opportunity to trust or not to trust. To believe or not to believe.

So what is trust?

The simplest definition of “trust” from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is this, “firm belief in the character, strength, or truth of someone or something”. Living in a world where so many do not use a dictionary (or know how to) it is easy to get wrapped up in multiple meanings of words based on opinion. (”I don’t think it means that.” “Semantics.”) It is important first and foremost to know what is being said or defined to make sure communication is open and clear. Continue reading You Want Me To What?

Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

leejohndrowteamYou have believed a lie. Some how you have come to believe your life has too little value. How can He use me? What can I do?

The spider wove a web. Not like a sheet, but with openings. A fly soon flew into it, thinking there was an opening. It was stronger than the  web but soon the ability to stand up, to move, to fly, was gone. Energy sapped. It awaited death. Continue reading Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

Why Do You Believe?

Question-marksWhy do I believe?

I ask myself that a lot. Not just about Christ, but about everything.

As a child I grew up with a lot of fear, depression and discouragement. I developed responses to things and people that kept me from others and set me on a path that as one prophetic voice said to “had not God intervened you would be dead”. Continue reading Why Do You Believe?

Overhauled Once And For All

leejohndrowteamIn my dream a client of mine called me every day for a new part. Earlier in the year he had made the purchase of a computer. Each day he would call and tell me what he needed to make it better. Make it run faster. Early on I had “found” this “part number” that allowed him to completely overhaul his computer. One time. Once and for all. Never to have to work on it again. His answer was “no”, that he would keep on doing it his way. Continue reading Overhauled Once And For All

Believe…in a moment

preachingatvillageBelieve…in a moment.

At 12:30 I awoke with those words thundering through my mind. (I am sure I had more revelation about it on some levels as well.) But I heard those words.

Before I wrote them down, I thought they could mean, to believe in a moment or a period of time. Or they could speak of deferred belief. (Punctuation is critical, perhaps.) But as I digested it, I realized it meant, I can believe right here, right now. In this very moment of time, this space, I can believe. I do not faith for tomorrow, but I need now! Continue reading Believe…in a moment

Atmospheres Are What you Make Them

2014-03-15 11.16.51I awoke today feeling a little “disconnected”. I am not sure the cause but something feels different. Even though, as I have for over 20 plus years, awoke with a song running in the background and people on my heart. That part is the same. But I thought about people who are “missing” out on His goodness because of fear. Continue reading Atmospheres Are What you Make Them

Sacrificing For The Next Step

leejohndrowteamToo often in life we are faced with a challenge or even a dilemma where change is an option. (Sometimes there are not options and I get that.) The mind begins to construct scenarios and build option lists, etc..

One of the things I grow concerned with is the idea that “sacrifice” or the giving up of something to get something is shelved. I understand that much of the world indicates an easier, softer, self centered way. But for those who walk under the headship of the Lord Jesus, sacrifice or using our faith to change something ought to be the norm and not the occasional, “well, okay. I will do it.” Continue reading Sacrificing For The Next Step