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Why Do You Believe?

Question-marksWhy do I believe?

I ask myself that a lot. Not just about Christ, but about everything.

As a child I grew up with a lot of fear, depression and discouragement. I developed responses to things and people that kept me from others and set me on a path that as one prophetic voice said to “had not God intervened you would be dead”. Continue reading Why Do You Believe?

Believe…in a moment

preachingatvillageBelieve…in a moment.

At 12:30 I awoke with those words thundering through my mind. (I am sure I had more revelation about it on some levels as well.) But I heard those words.

Before I wrote them down, I thought they could mean, to believe in a moment or a period of time. Or they could speak of deferred belief. (Punctuation is critical, perhaps.) But as I digested it, I realized it meant, I can believe right here, right now. In this very moment of time, this space, I can believe. I do not faith for tomorrow, but I need now! Continue reading Believe…in a moment