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Spiritual Parenting Is Passing It Forward


2014-05-03 13.25.11This is my final piece in the mentoring series. I hope you have enjoyed them. Feel free to share them. Thankful for all that went before me and all that will come after me! Continue reading Spiritual Parenting Is Passing It Forward

The Authority And Power Inside

leejohndrowteamIn my dream last night I was teaching in a school. The students were probably high school age, but the unusual part was each day new students would appear and one from the day before would remain. The fast changing atmosphere was interesting in the meeting of the people. The process of just sharing the same information for a month or so was different and not much of a challenge. At the end of the month I would have a class of “left overs” and the real process of what I was to teach was on. Living in the Kingdom while being in the world and integrating the life of the Kingdom to change the world. Continue reading The Authority And Power Inside