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Happy Birthday, Cass Johndrow!

cassThe pregnancy had been going well the doctors said. I had a concert to do. It was a long, rainy day but music goes on. We left there about 11. At 5AM I woke up and looked over at her. She did not look well. I made arrangements for dropping off my daughter and headed to the hospital. Continue reading Happy Birthday, Cass Johndrow!

60 Years On Planet Earth!

My mom and dad bring me home!
My mom and dad bring me home!

My birthday.

Amazing! I cross over to 60 years old. What an amazing time it has been.

This year’s birthday will be celebrated much like my early birthdays were. On a lake. In the Adirondacks.

I made the decision earlier this year to invite my children to the lake region of New York State. The Adirondacks. Continue reading 60 Years On Planet Earth!

The Value Of A Birthday

My mom and dad bring me home!
My mom and dad bring me home!

Many years ago, I had a young woman who worked for me. A single mom, she went out of her way to be nice to me. I made sure she got home each night after work even though it was a drive. I accommodated her when she needed days off and all the things good people do. Continue reading The Value Of A Birthday

Mothers Day-A Day of Thankful Remembrance

My mom and dad bring me home!
My mom and dad bring me home!

Mothers day

Everybody has a list of things mom did, but I have a short list of things mom didn’t do, as well.

My mom never took sass from any of us kids. The only issue she had with 4 kids was whether she could get the majority of us for what we did. (Pretty sure it was my brother David’s fault any ways!!!) I probably need to say “thanks” for the things she didn’t do first.! Continue reading Mothers Day-A Day of Thankful Remembrance

People Need People To Grow

leejohndrowteamWithout community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop. Dorothy Height

Last night I was fortunate to be able to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a local restaurant. A few of us gathered together together, surprising her. (Her husband had planned it!) It was amazing. As the conversations moved about the table, the friendships strengthened and the community advanced. Community is formed by relationships. As people’s lives overlap others, the community forms and advances. Continue reading People Need People To Grow

Joy Comes In The Morning

alyssacamera 004Today we celebrate Jacob’s 7th birthday. (His birthday is actually tomorrow, April 20th.) He is already up and it is not quite 6AM. He wants to get the full treatment!

It is also the 1 year wedding anniversary of my daughter Amy and son-in-love Manley. Add in the fact that they are shortly (May 5th) adding a new baby boy to the household and it is a busy time in the Johndrow household. (Truth be told there are two new babies coming our way in the next few months.) Continue reading Joy Comes In The Morning

My Daughter Amy’s Birthday

Me walking Amy down the aisle!
Me walking Amy down the aisle!

The birthday of my daughter Amy

Today is your birthday. Wow! So love you being my daughter!

When my first wife let me know that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic. When she was born I was no less excited. My first child. Simply amazing.

Amy was my first child. She was born in a tiny country hospital in Townshend Vermont. I will never forget. My wife and I headed to the hospital as the contractions increased. The nurse on duty did her examination, and said “go home.” A quick call by me to her doctor changed things. A few short hours later, she was brought into the world.

Nothing changes your world like a baby does. How can you so quickly fall in love with someone? But I did as I did all the rest of my children. One second I am focused on business and work and overnight I am focused on a little girl.

Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow. James 1:17

Nothing prepares you for the first one(or actually any of them!) and so to suggest  “life as usual” would be an untruth.

I watched my daughter go through life and reflect on it this morning. So here are some highlights.

  • You running around a 5 bedroom apartment dressed like an elf.
  • Playing with Zephyr, your protector.
  • Going to Miss Tucci’s and your day care
  • Taking you and your friends to the Friendly Farm.
  • Going to St. Michaels
  • Leaving St. Michaels J
  • Leaving Brownies after a downpour
  • Days in the pool at my dads
  • Baton Twirling and costumes
  • You and Max running around the house and the fields
  • Fishing at Silver Lake
  • Entering high school
  • Our first real argument! OK-that was not so hot.
  • Teaching you to drive
  • High School graduation-
  • Entering college and dropping the caravan of stuff off with your mom!
  • Taking you and Tyler camping at Indian Lake. (What? My pager doesn’t work here! No TV?!?!?)
  • Our drives back and forth to college.
  • Teaching you to drive and your first car!
  • The call from the EMT after your accident. L
  • College graduation!
  • Our trip to Indiana.
  • Your first job out of college.
  • Moving back to Vermont
  • Interning at Gateway
  • Moving to Connecticut
  • Getting your job after all that time temping with a $400 resume and 2 calls
  • Father – Daughter Motorcycle trips-(Lake George was fun!)
  • Engaged
  • Married-how sweet has this all been for you, Manley, everyone!
  • Is there a chapter we can put here?
In my dad's back yard.
In my dad’s back yard.

I am proud of who you have grown up to be.
Love you! Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Celebration And Memories

Birthday in Northford with friends and family
Birthday in Northford with friends and family

Celebration And Memories

I awoke at 4AM. I would like to tell you that it was because I am so excited about today. But, the truth is I had a pretty wild dream, at the same time I could hear Jacob talking in his sleep and Tina was pulling on the covers. So 4AM it is.

I have devoted time to prayer, meditation and coffee!  I am focused on the goodness of God in my life. I am encouraged in so many areas of my life. There are a few I would like to see God move in, but knowing I cannot do it, He can and I will let Him, takes the pressure off me.

Today, as I have for many a year, I celebrate my birthday. Friends and family will be here. I realize some may think I do it just to do something different, but that is not true. I struggle with relationships. I want them, but often times who I am and how I function make it hard for me. Too often I have let work, business or ministry supersede real relationship in my life. Being a loner was easy. “Hermits are us!” I need my down time, my quiet time and my no time.

Today is the day of the year where I see lots of family. (This year all my kids will be here. That has not happened for a while.) My family is precious to me. I have been on the other side with no family. (As a friend said in conversation yesterday, “foolish drinking and not working are not ingredients for success.” That was me.)

My children mean the world to me. Their children mean as much. A new addition to the family will join us today. Her name is Hannah Lynn.

Today many friends will be there. Some from business, some from years of friendship, some new and a vast majority join us today from our church gathering. I am excited about seeing them.

But I also share a part of my heart with those who cannot be here. My parents went on to be with the Lord many years ago. My birthday memories will always include them. My brother in Maine cannot be here. My sister is out west this summer. Over the years I have had my nieces here.

Many have shared these days with me over time. Some are no longer part of my life. Others have gone home to be with Him. I do not forget them or take lightly the influences they have had in my life and the life of those I influence. I look at pictures and reflect on the good stuff God has done for me. 6 years ago my daughter moved in with us with 3 children. I have seen God do some amazing things. Today is less a celebration about my birthday and more a celebration of “look what the Lord has done!”

Today, as it has in the past will be a day of memory creation. How thankful I am of that.

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.
Helen Keller

My Birthday A Little History

My Birthday

As I mark 58 years today, I think back to a time where I was pretty convinced I would not see another. This year my birthday will be celebrated on the 3rd with friends and family at a baseball game and fireworks. Like most years I catch fireworks. And then this weekend is the big party.

I was born in what was called Grace-New Haven in New Haven Connecticut. My parents lived on Orange Street in New Haven on a 3rd floor apartment. A few years later they moved to Raymond Court. And just a few years later they moved to Old Turnpike Road in Northford Connecticut. My dad was a timekeeper at Sargent’s in New Haven and my mom with her Masters in hand began teaching in Foxon.

Many of my summers were spent on lakes in the Adirondacks. Schroon Lake, Indian Lake, Lake George. One summer I celebrated with friends like Donald Jones, Gary Gilbert and my family by going to Powers Pond(Blueberry Hill) in Wallingford and paddleboating! Other times Frontier Town, Santa’s Land and Ausable Chasm.

So here I am readying to celebrate with friends and family this weekend. My youngest grandchild will join us. I am looking forward to it. As I looked at pictures of previous birthdays and friends, I am so grateful for all of those I have connected with.

Thanks for all the memories.