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Oh No. They Went…Shopping!

2013-12-20 17.14.38You and I may never agree. In fact, if we do not agree, it simply reminds me of the uniqueness God has placed inside of each of us. Sure I would like you to agree with me, but it is not necessarily the basis of our friendship, fellowship or familyship.

And yet daily each of has the ability to incur the wrath of someone who disagrees. Continue reading Oh No. They Went…Shopping!

Black Friday and The World Of Retail

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

As I read of the new craziness surrounding Black Friday and the war between retail and family, I thought, “been there, done that.” I saw the deaths, the stabbings, the videos and the loss of sensibility.

As I drove my son to work this morning, I shared with my son some of my retail experiences as he headed off to another crazy day of working in a local box store. He sells technology and gadgetry. I get it. (I have owned more stores than I care to think of and endured too many holiday sales.) Continue reading Black Friday and The World Of Retail

Crowds Or Family? Your Call

$50 bill What the holidays can do.

So many are talking about the commercialism of the holidays. They tie it to Black Friday, August Christmas ads and now “black Thanksgiving!” People are working on holidays. On some levels they are two different things. People are working because a company has asked them to with the hopes that people will come shopping. And the commercialism or cheapening of the holiday.

It is one thing to talk about commercialism and the holidays. It is another to just get through the holidays!  So many bemoan the commercialism of the season and miss out on the coolness of it. I remember a young pastor one year talking about the unbeliever and how the lights of the season might be the closest understanding of heaven for them. I sat there thinking about that for days. I get it. Not everyone celebrates the same way.  Continue reading Crowds Or Family? Your Call