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Removing Darkness For Goodness’ Sake

leejohndrowteamThis morning I went through some technology frustration. This program would not shut off. Another would not respond. Things did not work the way I had planned or the way they ought to. So, I find myself running a little later than normal. Delays are great opportunities to see patience worked out in one’s life! Continue reading Removing Darkness For Goodness’ Sake

Awakening The People Of His Goodness

2014-08-09 13.57.03Yesterday while having a conversation the words, sleeper cell, came up. We started to talked about the wave of terrorism and what had happened in Paris. That discussion included a piece about sleeper cells, how they were communicated and what their purpose is. Continue reading Awakening The People Of His Goodness

Change That Changes

leejohndrowteamLast night I pondered my day and while I was sitting upstairs I thought, what is it that I can release into the atmosphere that I would know would change someone’s life. The thought came to me that I wanted to see myself somewhere else. I wanted a visitation to a “visible” heavenly place. I was not looking for angels or the Lord but I was seeking a piece of real estate “somewhere else”. Instantly I found myself “moving”. The purpose of my trip or the journey itself is not important. What is important is that while things were changing for me they were changing for other people. Continue reading Change That Changes

When People Are In Pain

preachingatvillageI am an observer. But for something truly to be observed I feel the need to research truth and seek perspective. So, last night I was thinking about this statement I was impressed with while praying. “Funny how when people are in pain they want to change everything…” My observation was this.

I know a lot of people outside the church. Both believers and what I call pre-believers. On both sides of the aisle they have opinions as to what the church ought to look like, how it ought to function, so on and so forth. Now I am going to let the pre-believer off the hook. My reasoning is simple. They have not recognized the love of the Father. The greatness of who He is and how large is His grace. Continue reading When People Are In Pain

The Consequences Are Real

Beating the odds
Beating the odds

In my dream last night I was called to inspect military systems of deployment of weaponry. Most specifically these systems dealt with observation, reconnaissance and utilization of weapons. The systems were run by folks who were settled away in underground bunkers. Continue reading The Consequences Are Real

Lights Of Listening – Will You Hear?

blue laser1Last night I had a series of dreams. A couple woke me up. Perhaps I will share on some of them in the coming days. But here is what is more important to me, that dreams are developing into two categories. One category is the those dreams that introduce people, places and situations and develop an allegorical or “fantasy” scenario. (The ones that seemed so true, only to awaken and realize that is not a true thing or that scripture is not really a scripture.) And yet upon examining them with the Lord I see the play out of them or the value. The second category is that of those which are what they are and come true. (Only the other day I had a dream about someone and it came true just as shown.) Continue reading Lights Of Listening – Will You Hear?

Help! I Need Somebody!

heargod2My friend was only allowed 14 items in the container he was being allotted on the train. He was thinking this would not be a “big” deal and did not ask for help from anyone. The items were varied. Some large pieces of furniture, boxes and crates. People had helped him get the items to the loading area, but then he sent everyone away. He was going to finish the loading himself. Continue reading Help! I Need Somebody!

“Give Me Your Health” The Second Tactic Of The Enemy

leejohndrowteamThe second trend is to destroy your health. The first was found here.)

The last few months I have seen two tactics of the enemy that have been developing and gaining speed. The first I addressed, was the disconnects that were occurring in people. This included busyness, depression and more. At first, I thought it might have been isolated instances, but as I talked to people, more and more people voiced their feelings of “distance”. In the past I have talked about the advent of social networks (Facebook, etc.) as one of the reasons, the stripping away of freedoms and situations that create the disconnect. Continue reading “Give Me Your Health” The Second Tactic Of The Enemy

By What Every Joint Supplies –

jointI love that scripture. In 2001 I had the words “by what every joint supplies…”(Ephesians 4:16) put on the back of my motorcycle. Many doors have been opened over this. To the world it speaks of joints and pot. To believers it revealed my thoughts about touching community and people. Lately it is taking on a life of it’s own.

Over the last few weeks I have been helping a friend on her website. It is a beauty site. My friend is anti-airbrushing ads and pictures, the “real deal” and “let’s look our best, ladies!” She also battles an unusual illness. I pray for her a lot.

I often see similarities in real life mirrored in prophetic life. Or vice versa.

The emerging church is a lot like my friend and her business. As the church we have an idea or mandate that we are to carry the gospel forward into all the world. This is much like the use of her site. It is the broadcasting or the publishing of His goodness. In her case, she is reaching women. Lots of them.

My friend is trying to remove the falseness and error of fake beauty. Like that, Jesus comes into our life to affirm that which He has sown, that we might not get caught up in that which is error or falseness.

Her desire is to be the real deal. Jesus comes alongside and His nature makes us beautiful. We are made the real deal.

Anyone can look their best. Jesus believes that as well. He knew us before the foundations of the earth.

And like my friend, we often see there is a battle to be who God called you or I to be.

My friend has an illness that affects her with pain. It begins in a joint. Jesus wants to heal her. The church has an enemy that would like to injure or cause pain. It injures a joint and affects tissues and nerves. Why? Because it is the place of supply! Ephesians 4:16

I had a dream on abundance the other night. And the Lord showed me this morning that Ephesians 4:11-16 is important to the process. To the coming supply! Not walking about in the “futility of our minds.” Ephesians 4:17

There is a supply that is available. It is clear we must tap into it.

My favorite science was biology. Anyone that knew me knew I wanted to be a doctor. (Even later in life a doctor friend was trying to get me to look to it.) Long before I was a follower of Christ I was intrigued by the body and its makeup.

A joint in the human body is a place of contact between two bones. It is a place of changing direction. In this joint there is a secretion of fluid (Synovial fluid from the Latin word for egg. You should be getting excited right about now!) The secretion of this fluid provides for a reduction of friction, shock absorption and nutrient and waste transport. It is also a place of many nerves (A nerve center – Hilton’s Law says “the nerves supplying the muscles extending directly across and acting at a given joint also innervate the joint”.)

The joint is:

  • A nerve center, reading the mail from limb to brain.
  • A supply of nutrients bringing nourishment.
  • A supply of lubricant-removing friction.
  • A supply of buffering or anti-shock system.
  • A place of changing direction and purpose.

A place of supply. Let the arising of the joints come forth. Let the joints arise to their true purpose. For equipping. For structure. That the ligaments would hold fast and remain joined.

Like my friend the church is coming into a place of full understanding and supply.