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Chaim-Life The Search For Chaim

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Yesterday I received a vision

from the Lord about the upcoming season. Some have already taken me to task about the aspect of “love” in it. That’s okay. You do not have my life and I do not have yours.

This morning I was awakened from a dream with these words ringing in my head. “Will you come down here?” Huh? I started to process the dream while drinking my coffee and laughing about a friend’s inability to acquire a Starbucks at BOS at 5AM.

I began to think about being in Him and what is protected by “being in Him. No discourse here other than to say a lot more is hidden in the life of Jesus than you can imagine.

In the dream I was trying to locate a man. His name was Chaim. He had appeared so young in my first meeting, but as I inquired as to His whereabouts, people talked about how old he was. Chaim was known by many and seen by few. The talk of Him was histories, anecdotes and stories but no one seemed to know him personally. I was on a mission. He had touched my life. I remembered it vividly.

Finally I caught up to him. We met at a sidewalk café in France. He was seated. His life beamed life. We sat there saying nothing. The glory was much upon his face.

I awoke from that dream, be asked “will you come down here?”

I will be honest in saying, I am not sure who is being asked to come “down here.” Years ago I was seated in a meeting where men prophesied over me for nearly20 minutes. One of the lines was “come down out of the clouds and get the smell of sheep upon your garb.” I am more inclined to believe it was a call for help, much the call Paul received to Macedonia in the book of Acts. I have to leave this one on the table for a day or so.

But Chaim? Chaim means life in Hebrew. Many people added even the name to their name to add health to their life. There IS power in the name.

I sensed I met Him who is the essence of all life in the dream. Why a café? Why not?