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Overcomers Overcome

preachingatvillageYesterday I took on a new challenge. I went to the gym to lift weights and get back in shape. I am determined my life will be one of strength and vitality. Today, I am looking for the number of the truck that ran over me in the middle of the night! WOW! Brings new meaning to “pain=gain” or some such pithy saying.

Life is meant to be overcome. This is an overcoming moment in it. I will do this. My friend who helped me get started said this to me, “don’t let anyone laugh at you”. So now, I have to overcome weights and people. Anything else? Yep, after I did the weights I went to walk. And my left knee gave out nearly pulling me to the ground. (It had been brutalized in a couple of sports accidents over the years.) Continue reading Overcomers Overcome

Patience Is Preparing a Generation

preachingatvillageDespite going to bed later than normal, I awoke at the same time. And there on the floor was the turtle. (Now the last time I saw a turtle was at my daughter’s wedding in St. Lucia last year. A large sea turtle had crawled up to the base of the stairs and deposited her eggs.) So “seeing” a turtle in my room was a surprise. But there it was. Slowly moving across the floor. And then it turned as if to say “follow me”. Follow you? Where? Why? Continue reading Patience Is Preparing a Generation