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This may relate to my own children or a group of people who I have devoted to see their lives reveal Him and His goodness.

For the New Year


leejohndrowteamAmazing grace-how sweet the sound…

A lot of folks initiate numerous changes when it comes to a New Year. I get it. You have a line in the sand that is drawn by time. You choose to make that a place of reference. Continue reading For the New Year

Living Legacy – What Does That Mean?

amy dad“Jacob. What do you like best about vacation?”

“Family” replied my eight year old grandson.

For the first time since I was a child we had a family vacation. It consisted of two grandparents, five children and seven grandchildren. It took place on a lake in the middle of “Nowhere” New York. Somehow, some way we got everyone away at the same time to the same place. Continue reading Living Legacy – What Does That Mean?

Move That Darkness!

leejohndrowteamTonight I put my grandchildren to bed, taking the time as I do, to pray with them.

I know many who do not have that luxury. Do not have that chance or that opportunity. Can I tell you things are about to change? “Oh, Lee. I don’t know if I can stand the pain.” Do not harden your heart for it is the day of expectancy and earth shaking awakening. Continue reading Move That Darkness!

When All Else Fails… Love

2014-05-16 18.40.52Last night I had one of those moments. One where fear tries to eat at you. My life was not in danger and there was no threat. It was just something invasive trying to take me off the balance I was maintaining. I can’t always explain those things. But I know this, that most of the time it is like being in the rain. Whether you know the cause or not, you are going to get wet. And so are others. Continue reading When All Else Fails… Love

Your Now Has Yet To Meet With Heaven’s Wow

Tyler & Emily Wedding
Tyler & Emily Wedding

Yesterday my son and his wife purchased their first home. On so many levels this is a miracle. Anyone who remembers the fateful day in December of 2001, knows that for him to be walking, talking, married with child and to purchase a home is in fact simply miraculous. Continue reading Your Now Has Yet To Meet With Heaven’s Wow

22 Years And Counting

leejohndrowteamToday my wife and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage. 5 kids (His and hers-no ours…) and 7 grandchildren we made it this far.

A lot of people who bet against us, lost. Our own community back then,  on so many levels turned against us. We had to figure out a lot of things on our own. For each us, both had gone through not one, but two failed marriages. We each knew the pain of divorce and children living apart. Continue reading 22 Years And Counting

Revelation, Rest, Relax And Rule

2014-08-09 13.57.03Take A Child

When people ask me about my family, I am excited. (Probably because I realize God is excited about His family!)I am excited not just for the love and the affection shown, but especially the little ones. They are not hardened by life lived religiously or life from the world. There is an innocence. But, my favorite is my walks of discovery with them. Continue reading Revelation, Rest, Relax And Rule

It Is Time!

2014-03-15 11.16.51This morning I caught a video of children being removed from a mountaintop. I, like so many others have been praying for the safety of these children, as well as their families. Only this week I read of children’s parents , cutting their hands so these children could drink their blood and not dehydrate and die. Continue reading It Is Time!

Relationship or Religiosity – Two Dreams

leejohndrowteamLast night was one of my more “unusual” dream nights. As I awoke around three, one of my dreams had been simultaneous with a second dream. It was if I was watching two programs on different TV’s at opposite ends of the building. Not just two dreams, but I was not even in the same place as each was occurring.

The first dream had to with people who were under siege. They had watched their community slowly give in to a company and its unethical treatment of employees, its surroundings and the community. New signs and stoplights appeared to “regulate” the traffic. New restaurants and stores in keeping with the people of the workplace, but out of touch with the average citizen. Roads began to deteriorate with the traffic in and out. At first it was guards but not too long after it was security walking the streets. There was talk of a new “police” force. Continue reading Relationship or Religiosity – Two Dreams