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Things That Make Us Great

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

The other night I got together with a dear friend. The main thinking of the night was going to be business oriented. And while we were getting together on it, I said something and he excitedly said “write that down”. I did. Here it is.

The things that made us great can connect us. Continue reading Things That Make Us Great

The Knitting Of Hearts

leejohndrowteamAs a child my church experiences were different than what I live today. I heard about God. The table at the front of the church had the words “I am the bread of life” emblazoned on it. But I could not tell you an experience of God while I was there except for the Sunday morning, early on Easter. With some rain and some sleet, hardy souls climbed up the hill behind the elementary school near our church. We sang and the sun came out. That was perhaps my God experience. Continue reading The Knitting Of Hearts

The Awkwardness Of An Age

alyssacamera 004Even in the darkness of the camping area there was no fear. Oh, there were the trees that formed shadows and the noises of the night that caused a check in my walk, but it was startling and not fear creating. I knew where I was going and not even in the darkness was I fearful.

I had a pretty interesting dream this morning. It vacillated between the innocence of being a child and the darkness that seemed to await those that wandered off the properties. It reminded me of Batman’s Gotham City, the camp I attended as a child(Keewaydin)and the reminder that while a child’s  life may be awkward it is but a season. Continue reading The Awkwardness Of An Age

When People Are In Pain

preachingatvillageI am an observer. But for something truly to be observed I feel the need to research truth and seek perspective. So, last night I was thinking about this statement I was impressed with while praying. “Funny how when people are in pain they want to change everything…” My observation was this.

I know a lot of people outside the church. Both believers and what I call pre-believers. On both sides of the aisle they have opinions as to what the church ought to look like, how it ought to function, so on and so forth. Now I am going to let the pre-believer off the hook. My reasoning is simple. They have not recognized the love of the Father. The greatness of who He is and how large is His grace. Continue reading When People Are In Pain

Community Changers Arise!

leejohndrowteamYesterday as I went for a walk with my grandchildren, I realized I had “missed” something over the summer. Probably it was simply the summer! But as I walked down a path with them and looked at the river, the foliage and even the path, I saw two things. The power of God and His people.

I asked myself what changes a region or a community for the better. Clearly there were the two pieces I envisioned. One was people. The other was God. As I walked I saw the changes. Some good. Some not so good. How do we make it better? I personally believe that His people change a community for the better. Not just the “good” people but the people who release God into a community. Continue reading Community Changers Arise!

Growing Up Is The Way To Go

2014-05-03 13.25.11I often wonder what people are thinking. If a child was not gaining weight or growing, people would be concerned. They would begin to investigate the reason behind the lack of growth. Questions would be asked. Is it an organic reason? An environmental reason? Are the parents not contributing to the growth of their child? Something is not right…what is it? We would be concerned. Continue reading Growing Up Is The Way To Go

Let The Children Come To Me…

MarcelThinking about the children.

Today my grandson will undergo minor surgery. My daughter in love will soon give birth to a new baby girl. I love the children. This past weekend I saw all my grandchildren. I was truly grandfathered in! I can not imagine life without them!

Matthew 19:14 but Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Continue reading Let The Children Come To Me…

Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

2014-05-16 18.40.52The other day I wrote about the word turnaround and how I saw a top to bottom overturn in so many areas. I saw things changing governmentally, economically. Many had this “first” response. “It’s easy to say what you can not see. Anybody can do that.” I believe everyone can do that, but I do not believe everyone wants to or thinks it right to do so. I am not looking to be justified in the accuracy of a word in the next 10 minutes or 10 days. Continue reading Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

Where Is Your Family?

2014-05-16 18.40.52A thought for my friends about the finished work, revival, and such.

Over the last few months I have had a number of people talk to me about family. I have thought long and hard about it. So many are bemoaning the “loss” of their family while in pursuit of the Lord. Here is one of the statements one made to me. “ I have also been dwelling on what good does it do if I get it but no one else in the family does.” That is it! Where would God be without His family? Why sacrifice for the “whole world” if He was going to keep it to one? Continue reading Where Is Your Family?