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The Thing About Love In The Church


leejohndrowteamMany years ago I was in preparation for a meeting. It was in Maine. I made the decision to take a young man with me. The meeting was in ministry to the unbeliever, specifically seekers of false religions, including witchcraft, new age and paganism. Continue reading The Thing About Love In The Church

Look Out For The Destiny Breakers

leejohndrowteamAs a prophetic voice, I find that I am often calling out the destiny, the calling and the purpose in people’s lives. I am looking for the gold in the middle of their life. So often that “gold” is buried under the dirt of not understanding the value of their life. “Why would God want me” is a question I often walk into. “How could God use me?”

Often the dirt that needs to be removed has to do with circumstances and people who have left them broken on the “trash pile” of life. Continue reading Look Out For The Destiny Breakers

Show Up, Go Up, Grow Up And Sow Up

leejohndrowteamA few days the Lord revealed a phrase. I thought I was going to share it some place specific. But so far not yet. I even thought I would write about it before now, but that was not the case either. Up early this morn and thinking so we shall see what happens.

Originally I heard “go up, grow up and sow up” I thought and I guess it is important not to blow up or throw up! As I meditated on it and said it out loud I heard different things. In the beginning I thought the “sow up” was to give something tangible “upward” but the more I contemplated it the more I realized it was likely to mean complete something to result in being “all sown up”. Continue reading Show Up, Go Up, Grow Up And Sow Up