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Hearing God On Your Time

Lee Johndrow
Lee Johndrow

Hearing God

As I read about debacle the US is facing with the understaffed IRS and how they are being told “got a problem with taxes? We may not be able to help you” it is easy to become frustrated. What you find is people who either will not take the time to make the call (Perhaps losing compliance and possible refunds.) or those that will make the call, only to perhaps receive wrongful information. (Still others will opt not to file at all.)The hard part is I believe many desire to be compliant, desire to file appropriately and want to just have it done. Continue reading Hearing God On Your Time

Awakening The People Of His Goodness

2014-08-09 13.57.03Yesterday while having a conversation the words, sleeper cell, came up. We started to talked about the wave of terrorism and what had happened in Paris. That discussion included a piece about sleeper cells, how they were communicated and what their purpose is. Continue reading Awakening The People Of His Goodness

Reaching Out Into The Darkness

You never know the impact.
You never know the impact.

Today while driving into work I was thinking that if I disappeared, would people know. Would I be missed? How long would it take?

I remember many years ago I was challenged with the imprisonment of a pastor who was in jail in China for “crimes against the state”. Daily people were reaching out in prayer. And one day, some 20 years later, he was released.

Hundreds if not thousands appeared to welcome him. This group of people had met daily to pray for his release. Daily! What is even more important is no one had seen him for all those years. I remember thinking at that time, how many just disconnect, losing touch after weeks, months and at best, years. Please hear me this is not a condemnation thing. It is an observation. (And I have done it. “Out of sight, out of mind.” It is not healthy.) Continue reading Reaching Out Into The Darkness

Lights Of Listening – Will You Hear?

blue laser1Last night I had a series of dreams. A couple woke me up. Perhaps I will share on some of them in the coming days. But here is what is more important to me, that dreams are developing into two categories. One category is the those dreams that introduce people, places and situations and develop an allegorical or “fantasy” scenario. (The ones that seemed so true, only to awaken and realize that is not a true thing or that scripture is not really a scripture.) And yet upon examining them with the Lord I see the play out of them or the value. The second category is that of those which are what they are and come true. (Only the other day I had a dream about someone and it came true just as shown.) Continue reading Lights Of Listening – Will You Hear?

No Longer A Ride On The Wild Side

leejohndrowteamThis is a longer writing. I wish I knew how to keep things short, but… What I have written is a “recording” of events that are occurring and steps that are necessary in a believer’s life. As much as I hate to admit it, there are indeed fiery trials. Our job is to listen to God, reveal His glory and move in the purpose He has established for us. Simple? Some are shaking their heads “no”. The biggest thing to keep in mind as you read this, is the body of Christ is important to our purpose.

Key thought? Stay plugged in! Continue reading No Longer A Ride On The Wild Side

The Language Barrier

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Anyone who has recollection of the newly married phase or perhaps had or has a teenager has an understanding of the language barrier. The words and their meaning you believe they have is not always what your spouse or teenage son is talking about. I understand, as I have been there on both counts. I came upon another language barrier rather quickly when I became a believer, a follower of Christ. I saw a language, even words I knew, with entirely new meaning, new thought process.

I do remember thinking, whatever happened to English?

My mom was an educator. For 35 years she taught English and history. I learned to play scrabble and do crosswords at an early age. I read dictionaries and encyclopedias (I know, what the heck are they?) in my quest for word knowledge.. But let me say, that words help, language studies help, but communication is the winning game.

If I do not understand your occasional word, I am able to look it up. But if I do not understand your language or your message, your communication is wasted on me. (I will not bemoan the language of text or some of the most awful hieroglyphic messages I have received.)

The other day one of the points I shared is the need for communication and the relevancy of speech. A manual on how to repair a cassette tape is wonderful history (Usually by using a pencil.) but it has no impact on the generation before us. My best efforts at sharing a message or a thought process can be lost if my listener or audience has no clue about what I am speaking about.

At the end of the day, I suspect it will be less about language and more about heart. I believe it will be more about understanding and communication. Not all communication is verbal, but for most people it is helpful.

So, the question belies itself. Do people know what you are talking about? We frequently hear communication is a two way street. I agree with that, but if you are the initiator of a conversation or the speaker to an audience and they have no clue about what you are talking about, you have lost an important opportunity.

I encourage you to give credence to the question, what language are you speaking? Be willing to accept the fact that not everyone “gets what you are saying.” It is less of a problem in the world while more of a problem at home or with friends. Be willing to make the change if necessary.

Proverbs 12:18 There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

A Failure To Communicate!

cansFailure to communicate is a fact of everyday life. “Nobody told me.” “I couldn’t open my e-mail.” “I didn’t get the message.”

I need to talk about something people do not realize. Facebook is not the ultimate communication.

“But it is Facebook, people place a lot of reliance on it.” Can I say something? DON’T!

So many of us use Facebook, we often ask “what did we do before?” As someone who uses Facebook for both personal, ministry related and business, I think on some levels I am qualified to speak about some discoveries. (Plus being on the internet since 1995. Yes, there was an internet, not invented by Al Gore!) Continue reading A Failure To Communicate!