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His Order Is Different – Waiting For the Perfect


leejohndrowteamThe Order Of Things

Despite what some consider my “mystical” side or that “lack of connection”, I really struggle with various things that do not come together.

Yesterday I was working on the idea that I had an “interview” on Monday at 9:30. They never called. The day began a spiral on the “to do” list check offs. (When I was in school the “INC” at the top of a page meant “incomplete” and to have one of those was the “end of my world”.) I “live” for the checks on my to do list! Continue reading His Order Is Different – Waiting For the Perfect

Being A Hermit Takes Work

thanksgivingYou used to have to work hard to be a hermit.

When I was young I might be in the Adirondacks or the Green Mountains hiking and I would come across a “hermit” from time to time.  Living in Vermont, I developed friendship with one. He lived off an old dirt path on a road called “Joy Brook Basin”. (Is your alone time making you more joyful?) He did not come into town but a few times a year. He preferred his mountain top living over people. Over the years I have run into a few. Continue reading Being A Hermit Takes Work