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Seeing Ourselves Rightly

baptizedLast night I found myself in a contemporary temple. All the parts of the “Old Testament” temple were there. Laver, table, showbread and such. I felt an attraction to the laver and seeing myself and others as they looked into the waters.

Some of this is from the dream. Continue reading Seeing Ourselves Rightly

Education In America Is Needed

Tgrade 12he election opened my eyes to many things. One of those was education.

A couple of recent videos I did have put me on the “firing” line so to speak. I am pretty used to it on some levels, but I was amazed at the response from people I do not know. I was taken back by a Catholic who thought in one sentence it was the job of the government to educate and at the same time for me to pick up the slack. Continue reading Education In America Is Needed