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Disconnected No More

2014-08-09 13.57.03Last night I had the opportunity and pleasure to sit with friends of many a year. They are older and he explained “I am in bed pretty early…around 9”. Well, it was well after 11 when we left. He was not the tired one. I was. Knowing I had to get up early to do what I am doing. Not only for work, but to maintain my articles and such. But our relationship is a good one and they are well worth it in my book. But I thought, we blew right past his 9PM curfew! Why! Because relationship is important. And when people are energized by relationship and friendship, time slips away.

This morning as I got up some 4 plus hours later I realized, “they were worth it”. They have sown into my life over the nearly 20 years we have been together. But just as important was the idea that I need it as well

Relationship in any life is important. I meet people all the time who tell me they “don’t need it” but I am convinced that God hardwired us for relationship. Not only to connect to Him but to connect with one another.

This morning as I reflected on last night and being together with others I realized that our time at their home was a perspective on relationship.

A couple of things I noticed.

I never heard a cell phone go off because both Tina and I left ours in the vehicle when we go there. Too often, we carry our devices into our meetings immediately indicating in most cases our device connections are more important than the ones in front of us.

There was no music or TV going on in the background. We have become so used to these things that perhaps we do not realize how much they interfere with one another and their relationship.

There are relationships we “bank” on but they are often not at the forefront because of busyness and interruption.

It is time to live this area of life we call community and begin to live it on purpose and work on relationships.

Intuitively, I believe we know this, but it is easy to “forget” and disconnect.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a young mom who is working hard to “get her life together”. She is smart, pretty and adept at the work she does BUT she is lonely. While at work as I watched parents come in, many of them had been crying at their children heading back to school.

I heard this phrase but a moment ago, “disconnected no more”.

What if we gave people our full attention? What if put down devices and communications and focused on the one in the room? What if we rekindled the relationships we know to be important?

I know the world is in an unusual place. That the temptation is to to work more, longer and harder to make ends meet. But when we leave the rest of God and allow anxiety and urgency to take over, what have we gained?

I would ask you to consider that.

Disconnected no more!

People Need People To Grow

leejohndrowteamWithout community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop. Dorothy Height

Last night I was fortunate to be able to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a local restaurant. A few of us gathered together together, surprising her. (Her husband had planned it!) It was amazing. As the conversations moved about the table, the friendships strengthened and the community advanced. Community is formed by relationships. As people’s lives overlap others, the community forms and advances. Continue reading People Need People To Grow

The God Card – It Has The Potential To End The Game

This week a friend and I were engaging in conversation and one of the topics that came up is the “God Card.” The God card is often used by people to end conversations, to get their own way, to see at best, what they really believe to be true or truth. A God Card is used to “put an end to things.”

It came up because I am seeing a lot more people “play the card” in an effort to do what they want or NOT do what they need to. It is often a way to shift accountability.

“God told me we should make my announcement first on Sunday morning.” Is it passion and a heart or is it a manipulation, a power play?

Because I believe in the prophetic and operate prophetically, I get to see the card played and with the often devastating results. I see relationships that end or begin by the playing for the card. I see jobs taken or quit by the playing of the card. I see hurt and pain and disenchantment. This can be a “hard card.” Continue reading The God Card – It Has The Potential To End The Game