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Proud Moments With Dad

Diving at Powers Pond

BobJohndrow_PutneyVT_07-1995When I was a young child, one of my favorite things to do with my dad was swim. He was a powerful swimmer. Often he and others would swim across Schroon Lake and back from the point where we stayed. And he loved to dive. He would often go out and recover things dropped in the water at what seemed to be astounding depths to me as a child. One place was sounded at 32 feet and yet he recovered the missing part that had fallen into the water. Continue reading Proud Moments With Dad

A Friend Falls In His Life

ForgiveWhen I was a child I had a friend. A year older than me I met him through school when I moved to the small rural community. He and I had a lot of similar hobbies and interests. Recently I was reading about his death.

The topic of his death came up in a Facebook  thread I had been looking at. Someone was complaining about the past. About school, about teachers and parents. As I watched what I realized was this person was looking for a wrong to be righted.

My friend did not just die. He died many years ago. Over 40 years ago. The people on the thread wanted to extract justice from people who were dead. People who had done things to them. To others. Continue reading A Friend Falls In His Life

Growing Up Changes You

2013-08-22 10.50.57This morning I was sitting here as I often do, meditating on various things, enjoying the quiet when I was struck with the following thought. Despite my best efforts to remain immature in some areas, I have grown up.

Now you can read that and laugh, or view it with disdain but the reality is, I had no real say in it. Do I understand you can make choices? Of course I do! Do I get that you can work on things? Absolutely! But was I “looking” for it? No! Life through its various twists and turns, dead ends and highways “did” something to me. Continue reading Growing Up Changes You