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Community Is Prophecy Activated

amy dadThe prophetic is exciting. One of the best gifts the Lord has presented to us. Yes, He shared it through a people He calls prophets (Ephesians 4:11) but He also caused people to become prophetic by becoming one with them. People now had the ability to prophesy. Continue reading Community Is Prophecy Activated

Calling All Dads – Where Are You?

In my dad's back yard.
In my dad’s back yard.

When I was a child there was a TV program, Car 54 Where Are You?. It was about two police officers who drove about the city. This sitcom dealt with a funnier side of police life.  This morning following a dream in which I kept getting lost this story appeared to me about dads.  (The short version is there was a round building owned by the Haman Corp. In it, there were 4 stores, no wait 5 I found out. The difficulty was you would climb the stairs in one location, only to come down the stairs and find out the décor and store at the bottom of the stairs had changed.  At one point I walked up the stairs to talk to the garage owner, as I walked down the stairs it had me in a country store setting. I later found out the circular building had been divided into five stores but never figured out how the change came about.)

I thought “Dad’s? Where are you?”

As a dad and now a granddad, I am concerned about the dysfunctional parenting skills displayed by so my parents, but today my “focus” is on dads. Not because I am mad or think there are not problematic moms, just where my focus is. Continue reading Calling All Dads – Where Are You?

The Nails That Hold Fast – A Dream About Women

Captain of your destiny

What We Chew On

Last night one of my dreams put me in the position of being “hurt” by others and watching them be hurt as well. The hurts were physical. Not deadly or catastrophic but those little “pains” that you know have a deadlier or more sinister meaning. You know the feeling, like you are going to pay for it later or they would have hurt you more had no one been looking.

I woke up feeling not “my pain” but the pains of the many whom were hurting. What I realized was I was the only guy in the dream. These young women were taking their hurts (As they hurt each other.) out on me. Even in the dream I thought this unusual. For one I did not recognize any of them that I could recollect. And I knew I had not seen them until I walked by them on the street or in the park where I was. Continue reading The Nails That Hold Fast – A Dream About Women

My Daughter Amy’s Birthday

Me walking Amy down the aisle!
Me walking Amy down the aisle!

The birthday of my daughter Amy

Today is your birthday. Wow! So love you being my daughter!

When my first wife let me know that she was pregnant, I was ecstatic. When she was born I was no less excited. My first child. Simply amazing.

Amy was my first child. She was born in a tiny country hospital in Townshend Vermont. I will never forget. My wife and I headed to the hospital as the contractions increased. The nurse on duty did her examination, and said “go home.” A quick call by me to her doctor changed things. A few short hours later, she was brought into the world.

Nothing changes your world like a baby does. How can you so quickly fall in love with someone? But I did as I did all the rest of my children. One second I am focused on business and work and overnight I am focused on a little girl.

Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow. James 1:17

Nothing prepares you for the first one(or actually any of them!) and so to suggest  “life as usual” would be an untruth.

I watched my daughter go through life and reflect on it this morning. So here are some highlights.

  • You running around a 5 bedroom apartment dressed like an elf.
  • Playing with Zephyr, your protector.
  • Going to Miss Tucci’s and your day care
  • Taking you and your friends to the Friendly Farm.
  • Going to St. Michaels
  • Leaving St. Michaels J
  • Leaving Brownies after a downpour
  • Days in the pool at my dads
  • Baton Twirling and costumes
  • You and Max running around the house and the fields
  • Fishing at Silver Lake
  • Entering high school
  • Our first real argument! OK-that was not so hot.
  • Teaching you to drive
  • High School graduation-
  • Entering college and dropping the caravan of stuff off with your mom!
  • Taking you and Tyler camping at Indian Lake. (What? My pager doesn’t work here! No TV?!?!?)
  • Our drives back and forth to college.
  • Teaching you to drive and your first car!
  • The call from the EMT after your accident. L
  • College graduation!
  • Our trip to Indiana.
  • Your first job out of college.
  • Moving back to Vermont
  • Interning at Gateway
  • Moving to Connecticut
  • Getting your job after all that time temping with a $400 resume and 2 calls
  • Father – Daughter Motorcycle trips-(Lake George was fun!)
  • Engaged
  • Married-how sweet has this all been for you, Manley, everyone!
  • Is there a chapter we can put here?
In my dad's back yard.
In my dad’s back yard.

I am proud of who you have grown up to be.
Love you! Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!