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The Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet

preachingatvillageThe man stood at the front of the second floor church assembly. I noticed that the wall had been removed to make more room. I was putting additional chairs in the room, making more room for people. There was a part of me that was feeling an undercurrent of something was “wrong” but honestly I was finding myself too busy taking care of getting people seated and everything squared away. Finally the last chair was in place. People were coming in and I sat to the side. Continue reading The Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet

Can I Be Made Whole?

leejohndrowteamLast night as I watched the honor bestowed upon folks in sports, I thought about the lives that are lived in one venue or another. The life that is perhaps only seen in the workplace or the sports arena. And then I think about the divine reparation that God has for each person. I am sure He looks down on a speaker, a player, a CEO and has blessed what they do. But God is in the restoration of the whole person. Continue reading Can I Be Made Whole?

Nameless, Faceless, Placeless? Keep Watching!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

(Over the last couple of days I wrote two articles on the tactics of the enemy. The first was on disconnection in the body and the second on the attack of health.)

The last few days I have written two articles on the tactics of the enemy. Even as I wrote about the weapons of the enemy being disconnection and attacks against health, there has been a lifting of the “darkness” that has impacted lives. I won’t lie when I suggest it feels like “too little, too late” on some levels. Some people have gone on to be with the Lord. Others have incurred huge medical bills, lost touch with friends and family. And I am angry! Angry at the work of the enemy and his deceptions hurting people. Continue reading Nameless, Faceless, Placeless? Keep Watching!

Have You Been Deceived About Your Past?

can we talkHave you been deceived about what you believed? It is an important question. How does one change their life without evaluating their beliefs?

I find that very often most people are caught up in a belief that is most likely not being remembered accurately. I think there’s a real reason that God desires that we live in the moment taking no thought for life tomorrow and not going back in the past trying to dredge up something. Continue reading Have You Been Deceived About Your Past?

Deception And You It Is Time To Overcome!

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

Too often we move predicated upon our senses and not the leading or the unction of the Holy One dwelling inside.

Simple traps can include: