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Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

leejohndrowteamYou have believed a lie. Some how you have come to believe your life has too little value. How can He use me? What can I do?

The spider wove a web. Not like a sheet, but with openings. A fly soon flew into it, thinking there was an opening. It was stronger than the  web but soon the ability to stand up, to move, to fly, was gone. Energy sapped. It awaited death. Continue reading Whose Report Do YOU Believe?

Wanted – Discernment For The Win

preachingatvillageYears ago I came to the conclusion that if you persevered, you could change outcomes. That if you were strategic you could set things in motion. I even went through a stage, where I made up words-my friends called them Lee-isms. Sometimes phrases. Overtime I came to see two phrases used nationally. And the more influence one develops or the more catchy the phrase, the more likely it is to be accepted. Continue reading Wanted – Discernment For The Win

Manipulation In The Body

preachingatvillageI watched the video as the gun was placed to my head. The more I watched, the more I knew the outcome. The person was going to be killed. Shot. And of course that was what happened. (Even as I watched this video went viral. The numbers increasing so rapidly I sat there amazed. (Another snuff film at the hands of the enemy and people were eating it up. Please stop!) Continue reading Manipulation In The Body

What Does This Mean? Valuing Discernment

helicopter1Last night I was in a dream. Somewhere deep in the dream, my wife woke me with “What is that? When?” I came out of the dream quickly. I moved into thinking someone was in the house. After assuring myself everything was okay, I went back to bed. (She had already gone back to sleep!)

I did not sleep well after. I looked for the place I was in the dream. I had left part of “me” behind. My last recollections in the dream were moving into a home to help people. It was a war zone. I had a knapsack and it had my “possessions” and they were left behind. In this knapsack were supplies. I know they will use them, but I felt empty. Drained. Continue reading What Does This Mean? Valuing Discernment

The Floodgates Are Opening

Jacob 002The little old lady walked me to the door. While she walked me through the beautiful home she kept talking about travel. We reached the door and I walked down a very narrow ramp. As we reached the bottom large animals that looked much like rhinoceroses came into view, running across the front yard. We continued to speak of travel and I shared stories from trips to California and flights that had been taken.

Her parting words hit me. “You travel well.”

I awoke and thought, “do I?” Continue reading The Floodgates Are Opening

Deception And You It Is Time To Overcome!

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

Too often we move predicated upon our senses and not the leading or the unction of the Holy One dwelling inside.

Simple traps can include:

Support Or Ministry? Discernment Or Disaster?

Keep Strong Values
Keep Strong Values-Connections worth keeping

There may well be a difference between supporting someone and being a friend or seeing something as ministry.

First, let me say, here in the United States I appreciate our Constitution and in particular the First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Continue reading Support Or Ministry? Discernment Or Disaster?