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Made In His Image

marcell and ILots of people are familiar with my story about the sock monkey as a child and how I believed that was God. Many of you have seen my videos I have done about a sock monkey or even seen the one that a dear friend of mine gave me after hearing my story about the sock monkey. A few weeks ago another friend gave me a couple of more. Continue reading Made In His Image

You Are Welcome In This Place

marcell and IThe other morning I wrote about what makes our community viable, authentic and loving. I posted 4 points or traits. I realized that perhaps I needed to expound on them. Why? Because I think we get inundated with “bullet” points and tainted with language and its usage. The over use of words has dumbed down the meaning. It has reduced our understanding and caused us to be casual. Add in our potential for “been there done that” thinking that leads us to “next” and too often we miss the point. Continue reading You Are Welcome In This Place

What Makes Us Different?

leejohndrowteamToday I get to be with friends and family. I have had a powerful weekend with many.

Having our friend Randall share on the topics of authenticity, legacy and generations definitely touched my heart strings. And gave me a greater appreciation than I had for him only moments before. Continue reading What Makes Us Different?