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See? Hear? Do What With It?

lee1-150x150.jpgYou do not have to be the NSA to hear the increase in the chatter over the USA. Many prophetic voices have been announcing it. But here is the question? What are you doing with it?

I think there is a valid reason everyone does not know what is going on. What would they do with it? Continue reading See? Hear? Do What With It?

Potentially Incredible

leejohndrowteamAs the Northeast faces Snomageddon (The potential of being the largest storm “ever”.)people are making changes and the storm has not arrived. Okay, I do understand wisdom and I do understand snow. I have been in New England for the most part nearly 60 years. I do not think it is “funny” to not get to work or to have trips disrupted or to have your kids home!!! But this storm or any other puts some things on the table. Continue reading Potentially Incredible

Shhhh… Listen! Do You Smell The Sound Of Fear?

fearI think about the fear I see grip people. I think about how much goes unaccomplished in our world over the issue of fear. I accept the fact that fear can be a perceived or real issue.

Some 30 years ago, I remember watching a horror movie on a 19” black and white Sony. I remember the boy climbing into the coffin and I clearly remember the body jumping up. That was it. TV off, lights off.

I had been a horror film watcher for years and all of a sudden this one “got” me. Years later I became involved in witchcraft and I cannot begin to tell you the journey of fear. I do not watch fright films or horror films and have not for many a year. (Who needs the spirit of fear in your home or life?) I like life without fear. That is not to say in my “born again” experience I have not been afraid and had to overcome it a time or two. Continue reading Shhhh… Listen! Do You Smell The Sound Of Fear?