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The “No Checking Out” Line

MarcelNo checking out.

This morning as I was thinking about dreams, visions, hope and such, I felt the words begin to form, “You can’t check out”. I began to ponder it and think what does this mean.

Many years ago in my first marriage, I remember an older man saying “you two can handle the family reunion. It is time for young people to take over.” I remember the subsequent thinking on how that was meant in their eyes, that they were “done” with things. It was on a new generation. I also remember listening to the “why did you do that” and the “I would not do it that way” later on. Continue reading The “No Checking Out” Line

Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

2014-05-16 18.40.52The other day I wrote about the word turnaround and how I saw a top to bottom overturn in so many areas. I saw things changing governmentally, economically. Many had this “first” response. “It’s easy to say what you can not see. Anybody can do that.” I believe everyone can do that, but I do not believe everyone wants to or thinks it right to do so. I am not looking to be justified in the accuracy of a word in the next 10 minutes or 10 days. Continue reading Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

What Me Worry? Love Is The Answer!

leejohndrowteamIt was raining pretty hard as I drove down the country road. There were two others in the car. I saw the person long before we got really close. She was wearing a white coat.I knew I had to stop and pick her up. I opened the rear door and she got in. She thanked us and answered the questions folks asked of her. She needed to make a call but there was no cell service, so I offered her the phone in the farmhouse we were headed to. Continue reading What Me Worry? Love Is The Answer!

Hung Up On God

leejohndrowteamThe other night I had a dream. In the dream friends were comparing me and a friend of mine to one another. The difficulty was that they were making my friend sound “less spiritual” because he did not talk about the prophetic, visions or dreams. I though about it for a while and I realized that they were looking for the “fire” while my friend was trying to impart strength and understanding of the word of God.

The schisms are less than before but we still have division. We speak of Psalm 133 and yet we allow things to divide us. Continue reading Hung Up On God

People Need People To Grow

leejohndrowteamWithout community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop. Dorothy Height

Last night I was fortunate to be able to celebrate a friend’s birthday at a local restaurant. A few of us gathered together together, surprising her. (Her husband had planned it!) It was amazing. As the conversations moved about the table, the friendships strengthened and the community advanced. Community is formed by relationships. As people’s lives overlap others, the community forms and advances. Continue reading People Need People To Grow

Seeing Ourselves Rightly

baptizedLast night I found myself in a contemporary temple. All the parts of the “Old Testament” temple were there. Laver, table, showbread and such. I felt an attraction to the laver and seeing myself and others as they looked into the waters.

Some of this is from the dream. Continue reading Seeing Ourselves Rightly

Mountains Change Your Perspective

ampersandAs a child nothing excited me more than driving to the Adirondacks, cruising through the mountains and then, there it was…the lake! I had dream about a mountain last night…

“The wind was whistling through the tree tops. The snow was blowing across the meadows. The outcroppings of rock seem to move under the tremendous winds. The sky was gray and angry looking. That is where we lived”, I said. Continue reading Mountains Change Your Perspective

Closing The Store

2307 001A Dream  Closing The Store

The men climbed up on ladders yanking lights from the ceiling and making a very loud noise with no care for those about them.

Maybe it was the cake or the pie or all the extra turkey and avocado I had for dinner, but I “slept through” the night. That never happens. So being awakened by a plow truck and not a dream was somewhat unusual. But I had the dream. Continue reading Closing The Store

A Murder…Will We Choose Life?

skd284403sdcThe other night I had a dream. In the dream I walked into a room where someone had been murdered, killed in cold blood. I was in a large windowed room. Many floors above a city. Hardwood floors, white walls, large windows. No furniture in my view. Empty, except for the blood splattered floor and a long white extension cord.

Who has dreams about murder? I have only had a few in 20 plus years, but when I do I look for the message. I do not get weird about it or suspect someone’s impending death.

I continued to watch the room. I felt that I was to move the cord to another outlet. To set a trap for someone who I thought was going to come in. I unplugged the cord and I moved it across the room. I left that room. Apparently I had some other things to do. Continue reading A Murder…Will We Choose Life?

The Incorruptible Dream – A Telling Season

I had a very intense dream last night. So intense that when I actually woke up I got up to walk away from it and the dream “followed” me. It kept on going.

In the dream I was asked to come on board and take over this publishing house. One of its projects was a local newspaper. I agreed and things went well. It was a quaint New England town with lots of white paint, green shutters and black iron fences. As we moved towards fall and foliage events I began to feel the job joy waning. I spent my time visiting people, writing stories, taking pictures and all the things one might do. Continue reading The Incorruptible Dream – A Telling Season